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Presidential candidate likes Bitcoin. If they win, they will make Bitcoin tax-free.


The person running for president in the US named Robert F. Kennedy Jr – the son of Kennedy. He is in favor of a currency that is free and not controlled by the government.

A person running for president in the United States wants to use different types of money.

He’s really worried about the government putting limits on Bitcoin and he doesn’t like the idea of central banks making their own digital money because he thinks it will give them too much power and control.

Kennedy wants to sell some treasury bonds with Bitcoin, platinum, gold, silver and other valuable things as security.

Kennedy still has the same opinion about Bitcoin. He said he would not tax Bitcoin profits and would have the US dollar supported by things like Bitcoin.

Kennedy said he had Bitcoin in July 2023, even though he had denied it before. This was written on a form about his money.

Kennedy wants money to be free and doesn’t like central bank digital money. It’s part of his overall plan for how he wants to run the country.

Kennedy wants to be president and promises to work on protecting the environment, making society fair, and improving the economy.

“This is not a suggestion about where to put your money. “


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