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New Look is working with a technology called blockchain to help make their products more sustainable. They are using a company called VeChain to help with this.


  • New Look and TrusTrace work together to make fashion more sustainable by being open about their actions and taking responsibility for their impact.
  • Blockchain tracing: A important tool for New Look to help reduce pollution and be more sustainable.

New Look, a UK clothing store, is working to help the environment in the fashion industry. They have teamed up with a company called TrusTrace to make their products more sustainable. This new thing is part of New Look’s big goal to use materials in a responsible way.

The problems in the environment caused by the fashion industry.

Quickly changing fashion has changed the industry. Clothes are cheaper but also easier to throw away. This change will have a big impact on the environment.

The clothing industry creates a lot of pollution, especially water pollution. Making clothes also uses up a lot of water, which is a big problem for the environment. Also, the gases released in making clothes and shoes make up to 8% of all emissions. It shows how important it is to find better ways to get these products.

Blockchain Traceability for Sustainability (Blockchain tracking to help the environment)

New Look is working with TrusTrace, a small company that uses blockchain technology to track things, to help solve these problems. This cooperation makes New Look an even stronger leader in sustainability in fashion. It also shows that the brand is dedicated to being open about where its clothes come from.

Shameek Ghosh, who is the head of TrusTrace, says that it’s really important for the platform to work well with all the different companies involved in making and selling products. This includes stores, factories, and the people who provide the materials. TrusTrace’s open design allows it to work with other companies, like certification agencies and sustainability solution providers. This helps New Look see its supply chain clearly, so it can make smart and responsible choices.

This is not the first time TrusTrace has worked on blockchain traceability projects. The startup had experience in tracing and being transparent in the textile industry. It worked with New Look, Adidas, Asics, and Brooks Running.

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Creating a future that can be maintained for a long time.

The teamwork between New Look and TrusTrace is a big step towards making fashion more sustainable in the future. New Look shows it is a leader in being responsible by taking action on environmental problems in making clothes.

Using blockchain technology to track products in the supply chain helps us see where they come from. This can help us make better choices for the environment and for sourcing clothes in the fashion industry. In today’s world, being sustainable is really important and New Look is a leader in the fashion industry because it focuses on this.


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