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The unknown address that received 10,000 Bitcoin is actually just a new wallet for BitMEX.


A crypto exchange called BitMEX has a new wallet address that went from having no bitcoin to having over 10,000 bitcoin since November.

The fast gathering of bitcoin made people wonder if a new group was buying it. This was especially true because a lot of new investment companies were filing to start trading bitcoin in the U. S

Crypto analytics company CryptoQuant told CoinDesk that they found a new address for BitMEX exchange’s cold wallet, which is a type of storage that is not connected to the internet.

A transfer of 566 bitcoins was the largest one-time transfer. BitMEX recently published a proof of their holdings, and the address is shown on it. The text is missing, please provide the text to be rewritten in simple words. CryptoQuant said that the addresses that sent the crypto belong to BitMEX.

“CryptoQuant said that 450 addresses sent Bitcoin to this new address. ” “These addresses are also shown on BitMEX’s Proof-of-Reserves report and start with the bc1qmex prefix. ”

BitMEX was moving its bitcoin to new addresses with the format bc1qmex from the old 3BMEX format. Some Bitcoin addresses start with “bc1q” and they can do a type of bitcoin transaction called SegWit. These addresses make transactions faster and cheaper.

As of Thursday, the wallet had the 74th most bitcoin, according to Bitinfocharts.


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