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“New Crypto Project Blast Reaches $660 Million in Value, Despite Critics Making Fun of Hiring Key Developer” .


New information shows that Blast, a new type of blockchain platform called layer two, has grown to be worth $660 million in its decentralized finance (defi) system. At the same time, as we collect different types of cryptocurrency, we are also looking for skilled senior blockchain developers.

The L2 Blast Project is looking for developers while they have collected $660 million.

In recent times, people are very interested in Blast. Pacman, the person who created the NFT marketplace Blur, came up with this project, and it is quickly becoming popular. In less than a week, the platform’s total value locked (TVL) increased to about $400 million.

At the same time, Blast was accused of being like a Ponzi scheme. During this time, Paradigm, a main investor in the project, said that the team had made some mistakes in how they talked and carried out the project.

Pacman denied the Ponzi scheme accusations and said Paradigm did not help with Blast’s plan to enter the market. In just five days after these events, Blast saw its total value locked increase to $660 million, with an extra $104 million added.

On November 30, when the total value locked reached $634 million, Blast said it wants to hire more people and announced job openings.

“Blast said that they are announcing job openings. ” “Blast now has $634 million TVL with 67,757 community members. ” We need to hire a senior devops engineer and a senior protocol engineer. Please contact us if you want to help with Blast.

The hiring announcement made people doubt it because they wondered why the project didn’t have any engineering staff. One person made fun of a cryptocurrency project by saying they have no network, no code, no employees, and a total value locked of $634 million. They shared a picture of Pepe the frog.

More and more people on social media platform X were starting to doubt something. One person said, “I don’t think this is real, haha. ” Another person agreed and said, “Yeah, this is not going to turn out well. ” Someone even asked if they needed a lawyer because the situation seemed serious.

Another person responded jokingly:

Can someone tell us how to make an L2. We need help.

Right now, Blast has 198,733 ether and 73,518 staked ether (STETH). They also have a lot of stablecoins: 39. 56 million USDC, 30. 66 million tether (USDT), and 15. 6 million DAI tokens. The job of a senior protocol engineer is very important, as explained in the job description.

This person will help the team use the open-source OP Stack, which is based on go-ethereum, in a big way. The OP Stack is a development framework that is open to everyone and is used to support Optimism. It is managed by the Optimism Collective. Many L2 forks are built on the OP Stack.


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