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Sam Altman supports Worldcoin and plans to invest in it.


Sam Altman, the boss of OpenAI, wants to create a new cryptocurrency called Worldcoin. It will be used to give everyone in the world a digital identity and a way to manage money. This project, run by Tools For Humanity, has been getting a lot of attention because it’s trying to get a big investment of $50 million.

Altman said that it is becoming more important to identify users in a world where AI is in control. He talked about this during a virtual Q&A session hosted by FT Partners, as mentioned in The Business Times.

More than 2. 6 million people have agreed to let Worldcoin scan their eyes with “orb” machines. This project gives out digital IDs and rewards in the form of cryptocurrency when you take part in it.

Funding projects and planning how to do them.

Reports say that Tools For Humanity is looking for a big investment of $50 million to help Worldcoin grow more. The company’s plan is to sell crypto tokens at a lower price to attract people who might want to invest.


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