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Arweave’s AR token worth decreases by 13% during a heated debate about a hard fork.


The value of Arweave’s AR token dropped by over 13% after some controversy about a potential change to the blockchain network.

the value of AR’s token dropped by 13. 06% to $89 at the time of the report, after it had gone up by 15% in the past week.

Arweave is the fourth biggest blockchain network for sharing files, based on how much it’s worth, says CryptoSlate’s data. It works as a safe and permanent way to store important information for everyone.

Many NFT artists and collectors use the network to protect their digital art. It has made important relationships with big tech companies like Meta and has connected with blockchain networks like Ethereum and Solana to use their NFT technology.

There is a lot of trouble happening because some people might split off from Arweave.

On December Sam Williams, who started Arweave, said that Irys, a company that used to be called Bundlr, was planning to copy their storage platform.

Williams said that Irys wants to change the way their system works because they want to make more money. He said forks are needed for permanent storage but thought Irys did something wrong.

In his opinion:

“[Irys] is making short-sighted decisions that are hurting their own project of permanent storage. ” If the information and tokens are regularly changed, no split can achieve the mission in the long run.

Because of this suspected unfair behavior, Arweave suggested that Irys users should switch to different bundling service providers or make their own bundlers. The storage platform wants to stop Irys from showing their content on the main gateways of Arweave before it’s approved.

Meanwhile, Irys said that Willams did something wrong and accused Arweave of censoring its platform. The company that puts things together for people asked its users to use its gateway to get around the rules made by Arweave.

It said:

“Irys will always let users choose where to store their data, and they never have and never will take that choice away. ” Irys’s main goal is to let its users access permanent data freely. We are dedicated to using technology that cannot be controlled or restricted, is open for everyone to use and is not limited by any restrictions.

Irys promised to continue improving its technology and providing uninterrupted service to its current users. It promised users that their current projects and their ability to access their data won’t be affected as it adds new features.


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