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Get offers to make data available for Starknet Layer 3 appchains on testnet.


Avail and StarkWare are working together to improve how data is accessed for appchains in the Starknet Layer 2 network.

This solution to make data available will be added to Starknet app-chains that are made using Madara, a customizable sequencer. These app-chains will work as “Layer 3s” in the Starknet system.

Layer 3 can use Avail to make sure data is always available in different ways, according to a statement. These modes are called validium and sovereign rollups. They both have different benefits for making transactions faster and more certain.

The Madara chains will be ready to use once the mainnet is released in Q1 2024. Right now, developers can start trying out the data availability interface for Madara on the testnet.

Abdelhamid Bakhta, who leads Starknet exploration, said that Madara is more than just a sequencer. It is a special tool that can create custom appchains, leading to big cost savings, personalized control, and new innovations that were not possible before in blockchain technology.

Expanding Layer 3

StarkWare believes that Layer 2 blockchains can help Ethereum scale and be more versatile. They also think that Layer 3 blockchains can be customized and experimented with at a lower cost, without needing to directly use Ethereum’s main layer.

In this situation, Avail wants to make costs and performance better for these Layer 3s, which then complete transactions on Starknet’s Layer 2 before being finalized on Ethereum.

Avail started as a new type of blockchain project in 2020 at the company Polygon Labs. It was made to help blockchain networks grow and handle more information. “In March of this year, Anurag Arjun left Polygon and started a new company called Avail, which used to be part of Polygon. ” In April, Prabal Banerjee left Polygon research and became a co-founder of Avail.


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