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World Bank-supported CAD Trust sets up a new system using blockchain technology to track carbon credits. People are wondering if VeChain is part of this project.


CAD Trust, which is helped by the World Bank, uses blockchain to make sure that carbon markets don’t count the same thing twice.
CAD Trust uses registries like Verra and CDM to make it easier to keep track of and manage carbon credits. This helps make the process more transparent and efficient.
The coming of CAD Trust is a big deal for carbon markets. It will change things a lot. This project, led by big organizations like the World Bank and the Singapore government, offers a new way to solve a long-standing problem: counting carbon projects twice. CAD Trust uses a special technology called blockchain to make it easier to keep track of environmental projects. It also makes sure that reports and audits are done to a really high standard.

Connecting with Carbon Registries

CAD Trust has combined top-quality carbon registries like Verra, the Global Carbon Council, and the BioCarbon Registry. It also uses information from the UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which makes up more than 60% of its information. CAD Trust is now reaching more places around the world because Bhutan’s national registry has joined.

Verra is very important for the CAD Trust Dashboard.

Verra President Judith Simon said she is very excited about working together with CAD Trust. She said this partnership makes carbon markets more active and clear, which is important for fighting climate change.

Chia blockchain is the technology used for CAD Trust.

The reason for choosing the Chia blockchain, created by the BitTorrent founder, is not random. CAD Trust uses a strong and long-lasting blockchain technology to help the public. This is very different from other blockchain projects because it cares about being good for the environment and helping the public.

Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu’s View: Building Trust and Being Open

Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu, who is the boss at CAD Trust, talked about how important the Dashboard’s success is. The link to carbon standards and registries shows that we are dedicated to making these markets more open and clear.

Blockchain and Sustainability: A Connection that is Getting Stronger

Blockchain technology is becoming more important in the effort to be kind to the environment. Some recent examples are when the ACX exchange supported by Deutsche Börse worked together in Vietnam, Nasdaq introduced smart contract technology for carbon credits, and the Interwork Alliance created the Carbon Emissions Token Protocol.

VeChain is a type of blockchain technology that is similar to the CAD Trust project, but it operates separately from it.
VeChain has the same kind of blockchain technology as CAD Trust, but it is not part of the project. VeChain uses a special way to make decisions called Proof of Authority (PoA) that is better for the environment than other methods used in other blockchains.

This PoA method lets certain nodes suggest and decide on the next block in the chain, which helps to use less energy and reduce the network’s carbon footprint.

VeChain does blockchain technology for carbon credits but is not part of the CAD Trust project. Is making a platform where companies can buy credits to lower their carbon footprint.

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This platform helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and move toward a more environmentally-friendly economy. VeChain works on its own to help the environment and fight climate change. It shows that there are different ways to use blockchain technology for the environment.

A future that uses technology to protect the environment.

The CAD Trust initiative is not just a new technology; it changes the way we deal with climate change. By combining blockchain and carbon credits, we are entering a new era of honesty and effectiveness in protecting the environment.

This helps carbon markets and sets the groundwork for a better future that takes care of the environment. Projects like CAD Trust are starting a new time in the battle against climate change. They are using technology and sustainability together to make a difference.


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