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Trademark Africa and EAC SPS are working together with IOTA to use digital technology to make exchanging trade papers easier and safer in East Africa. This will help trade go more smoothly and securely in the region.


The new collaboration between Trademark Africa and the SPS regulatory agencies of the EAC is a big step in making trade documents more modern. This partnership is all about using IOTA technology to share SPS documents between countries in East Africa.

The idea was made official at a meeting in Rwanda. The plan is to make a special website for SPS certificates to help with regulations and make trading easier in East Africa. This project sets the groundwork for the future of digital trade in local areas.

SPS measures are very important for making sure our food is safe and stopping plant pests and animal diseases from spreading. Trademark Africa and EAC regulators are working together on a project to use a digital system called TLIP, made with help from IOTA, to share information about SPS standards and rules. IOTA’s technology will help create digital IDs to control who can access SPS data and things.


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