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ICPHub Korea and The Moon Labs are teaming up to create new web3 projects inspired by Gaudi.


Hub Korea and The Moon Labs (LM Foundation) are working together on new and creative internet projects. This partnership was revealed at an event called the ‘Gaudi World Congress Seoul 2023’ at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul.

One important part of this partnership is the official agreement signed between The Moon Labs and ICP. Hub The Internet Computer (ICP) is a key part of the alliance, and it was made by the DFINITY Foundation. This is mainly because of ICP’s special features. It works with Bitcoin and Ethereum, can connect Web2 and Web3, and has a secure and eco-friendly blockchain.

This partnership wants to combine the art of the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi with advanced Web3 technology. The Gaudi Knowledge Association picked The Moon Labs to help with their digital business using ICP.

The Gaudi Knowledge Association is very important for keeping Gaudi’s special design ideas alive. They work closely with the Barcelona City Council to plan and host big events that honor Gaudi’s work. They are responsible for the major project of building the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral. In addition, they have a team of experts who focus on studying and teaching about Gaudi. Additionally, they handle setting up shows and taking care of a lot of things related to Gaudi.

The collaboration has big plans and important projects to work on.

  • Completing Gaudi’s designs that were not finished.
  • Building a virtual world based on Gaudi’s buildings.
  • Starting new online businesses that are focused on creating digital art based on Gaudi’s style.
  • Creating special Gaudi tours using new technology called NFTs and Web3.
  • Creating a fund to support projects and artists who have the same vision as Gaudi.
  • Exploring digital art using Gaudi’s artistic ideas.

ICPHub Korea and The Moon Labs aren’t just working on projects, they’re doing more than that. They have big goals to create and run educational programs about Web3, build technology connections, and start selling ICP NFTs. These actions are part of a bigger plan to make the NFT marketplaces more active and successful.

Jake Park, the person who started ICP. Hub Korea, said he was really happy about working together with others. He wanted to mix Gaudi’s old designs with Korea’s new technology using ICP. He wants people all over the world to be able to experience Gaudi’s work.

What will happen because of this partnership.

The teaming up of ICP. Hub Korea and The Moon Labs could make a really big difference in the world of blockchain and digital art. Let’s see what this exciting partnership might offer.

  • Making NFTs and Metaverse More Popular: Creating digital art based on Gaudi’s work and making a virtual world focused on his buildings could make more people interested in and knowledgeable about these new technologies.
  • Teaching people about Web3 technology is really important. It’s not just about making new technologies but also about making them spread faster.Creating a long-lasting digital environment: Using a green blockchain like the Internet Computer Blockchain (ICP) made by the DFINITY project is a move towards more eco-friendly digital ways.
  • Traditional culture teams up with new technology to preserve and honor heritage online. It proves that blockchain and NFTs are not only for money or fun.
  • A new way for companies to work together: The partnership between ICP. Hub Korea and The Moon Labs could be a good example for other tech companies and cultural organizations to work together in the future.


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