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The increase of blockchain loans has been significant.


The information from RWA, a company that tracks loans backed by assets in the real world, shows that the blockchain loans sector is growing rapidly.

People who borrow money are starting to trust blockchain-based options more than regular lenders, especially when interest rates are going up.

This trend has caused the amount of loans to go up a lot. It reached 582 million dollars and doubled compared to 2022. Let’s take a look at the information below.

Summary: In short

A study of the increase in blockchain lending
The main areas responsible for the $582 million contributions
A study of the rise in lending using blockchain technology.
Blockchain loans let people keep their things and get money by using digital money as security.

Some well-known blockchain credit protocols are Centrifuge, Goldfinch, Maple, Clearpool, and Credix.

Also, you can use cryptocurrencies like USD Coin, tether, and Dai to get loans and their services.

Based on information from RWA, more people who want loans are choosing blockchain-based options instead of traditional lenders.

In 2023, the value of active tokenized private credit went up a lot to $582 million, which is 128% more than the year before. This increase was partly because interest rates are going up.

Looking at the numbers right now, the average annual interest rate set by blockchain credit systems is 9. 65% This is compared to the interest rates for small businesses at banks, which can be anywhere from 5. 0% to 115% based on information from NerdWallet as of December 1, 2023.

A loan tracker looked at the data and found that blockchain loans have reached $4. 5 billion through 1,804 transactions. On average, each loan is about $2. 5

The main areas responsible for the $582 million donations.
Studying the market in the United Kingdom, we can see that companies like the Brazilian bank Divibank and Fasanara Capital are playing a big role in the growth of loans using blockchain technology.

As an example, Fasanara Capital, a company that manages money, borrowed 38. 3 million dollars from Clearpool. They have to pay back the loan with an extra 7% added each year.

Furthermore, Centrifuge has 43% of the active loans market, worth 255 million dollars. Goldfinch and Maple have 143 million and 103 million dollars of active loans, respectively.

People who want to borrow money are the biggest fans of blockchain-based loans, and they have borrowed a total of 582 million dollars. However, consumer products and car companies are leading in contributing the most.

The consumer industry lent out $197. 7 million, and the car industry used $186. 8

The Carbon project got $39. 5 million in funding, while Crypto Trading got a loan of $30. 5

The fintech industry has given 105. 2 million dollars, and the real estate industry has borrowed 40. 0 million dollars using blockchain credit systems.

At the moment, blockchain-based loans are not as popular as traditional private loans, even though the industry is still growing.

The blockchain lending market is about 0. 3% the size of the regular credit market, and it’s worth 1. 6


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