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Xiaomi, a company that makes smartphones in China, has started making its first electric car.


The new Xiaomi EV car will go on sale next year, but we don’t know the exact date yet.

Xiaomi, a company that makes phones in China, is now making electric cars. They want to compete with big companies like Tesla and Porsche.

The company’s co-founder Lei Jun, who is very rich, talked about the first car on Tuesday. He said the car will be shown for the first time at the XiaomiEVTechnologyLaunch today on December 28th.

Speed Ultra

Today at the event, the company explained that the name Xiaomi SU7 means “Speed Ultra” and said that the electric car will be very fast and powerful.

Our first car shows what we want to do with making cars: using technology and creating a smart, advanced space in the car. Xiaomi SU7 is a very fast and high-tech car,” Jun said.

The Xiaomi SU7 is a big electric car with four doors. It is 4,997 mm long, 1,963 mm wide, and 1,455 mm tall. It has a long wheelbase of 3,000 mm. When it starts, the SU7 will come in two versions with different battery capacities.

Xiaomi said it used over 10 billion yuan, which is about $1. 4 billion, to make the car. Right now, Xiaomi SU7 is being made in small quantities to test it, and it will be available to buy in the home country in a few months.

At a presentation today, Jun said that Xiaomi’s new car is faster than Porsche’s Taycan and Tesla’s Model S.

The co-founder of the company said the car was made by people who used to work for BMW and Mercedes Benz, and it’s really good. He believes the EV vehicle was created after talking to a lot of customers to make sure it meets their needs.

Xiaomi will start selling electric cars next year.

The new car will go on sale next year, but the exact date is a secret. The car took more than three years to make.

During this time, more electric cars are being sold in China. This is making Chinese car companies work harder to make their cars stand out by adding new technology.

Jun mentioned on Thursday that the SU7 will work with Xiaomi’s phones and home gadgets that connect to the internet. He talked about how the company keeps your information private and said the car meets safety rules for rear-end crashes in the United States.

The Xiaomi boss also said that the SU7 will work with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, CarPlay, and AirPlay.

However, even though many people have been guessing about Apple making a car, the company has not actually started selling cars in the US.


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