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Cookie3 now uses Chainwire for getting the word out about Web3 and keeping track of how it’s doing.


On January 10, Cookie3, a company that helps Web3 marketers figure out where their users come from, announced that they are partnering with Chainwire, a popular platform that distributes news about cryptocurrency.

This partnership is about Cookie3 clients getting better access to Chainwire’s PR services and Chainwire’s clients getting better insights on user analytics and attribution for their campaigns.

Cookie3 helps keep track of how users move through Web3 projects, like when they switch from doing things off the blockchain to doing things on the blockchain. This ability helps projects choose the best campaigns to improve performance strategically.

In addition, the platform makes it easier to create special campaigns in just 60 seconds. These campaigns can be customized to monitor important goals like gathering emails, creating digital artwork, or getting certain types of coins.

As a result, projects using Cookie3 can accurately track user actions, achieve important goals, and encourage the results they want.

Main utilizations of Cookie3

Cookie3 makes it easy for you to combine regular Internet activities with the features of Web2, like visiting pages and sharing on social media. This feature helps projects see the big picture of how users interact with their system. It shows how people are using the protocol.

Cookie3’s solutions don’t need any coding and they work all by themselves. They monitor everything in the user journey.

Many different companies on the internet use Chainwire’s platform to share news and information. These companies include ones that trade cryptocurrencies, make video games, and help with public relations.

Cookie3 has teamed up with Chainwire to give its customers automatic PR distribution and a smooth link to their marketing campaigns. This helps them keep a close eye on all the important marketing numbers.

The main aim of Cookie3

Cookie3’s Web3 analytics help companies make their marketing campaigns better by improving the way they lead people through their website and making the experience better for users.

This improvement can make more people buy the product, and also save money on marketing.

Cookie3 makes it easier to analyze data each month by combining online and offline activities. This could help teams save a lot of time. This efficiency helps teams put more resources towards their main priorities.


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