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DeFi Protocol BlockGuard has teamed up with Pixelette Technologies.


BlockGuard wants to make it easier and safer for people all over the world to invest in the Web3 economy. They are working to improve how risks are managed and make things more open and efficient.

BlockGuard, a company that offers financial services using blockchain technology, has partnered with Pixelette Technologies, a company in the United Kingdom that focuses on artificial intelligence and IT.

Both companies will work together to improve their business operations by using their skills and resources.

Pixelette now owns 5% of BlockGuard.

According to the partnership agreement, BlockGuard will give away 5% of its ownership to Pixelette. In exchange, the IT company will help BlockGuard build its new gold system and provide support for its development.

Also, Pixelette will make sure the BlockGuard Network is created successfully. They will concentrate on making it more secure and user-friendly.

Happy New Year. It’s 2024 and we are happy to welcome BlockGuard to our team at Pixelette Technologies. “We are very excited to work with the team on the BlockGuard Network project and we promise to provide the best development solutions to make their vision a reality,” said Asif Ashiq Rana, founder of Pixelette.

The agreement will also make Rana a part of BlockGuard’s executive board as an advisor. The person who started Pixelette is also the CEO of the company and helps advise the British government on artificial intelligence.

APPGs are groups in the UK Parliament made up of MPs and members of the House of Lords from different political parties.

In addition to leading Pixellete, Rana is also the Managing Director of the successful think tank, Big Innovation Centre (BIC). He has helped bring new technologies like blockchain, AI, metaverse, and digital finance to the market.

The founder and CEO of Pixellete is going to use his business skills to help BlockGuard start and grow in the industry.

BlockGuard has reached a very important achievement.

BlockGuard is a system that wants to change how risk is managed in the online economy. It wants to make it easier for people to invest and make things more fair and clear for everyone.

The platform offers different ways to help grow and manage your money over time, focusing on stability rather than high but temporary interest rates. These are chosen funds and a tool for building a collection of investments.

The CEO of the company, Anthony Bevan, said that teaming up with Pixellete is a big achievement for BlockGuard and will help them reach their goals in the finance industry.

“Pixellete has many AI and blockchain companies in its portfolio. This shows that they are dedicated to promoting new ideas and finding out more about technology. ”

Bevan said that signing this agreement is a big achievement for BlockGuard and will help us to move forward with our plan for DeFi in 2024 and beyond.

Pixellete only invests in companies with a lot of potential to change things, like BlockGuard. They work with governments, big companies, and new businesses. BlockGuard and Pixelette Technologies working together will change the future of decentralized finance in 2024 and beyond.


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