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X App is going to start letting people send money to each other directly in 2024.


Elon Musk’s X app will allow people to send money to each other later this year. It is getting closer to being able to do everything.

X, the big social media website once called Twitter, says it’s planning to start letting people send money to each other sometime this year. In a blog post posted on Tuesday, the platform announced a new payment feature and some other expected updates.

The notice says:

“We will start letting people pay each other directly, which will make our app more useful and create new ways to buy and sell things. This will show how useful it is to do more of your activities in one place. “

The blog post didn’t give more information about the payments feature or say when it will be available. However, the announcement matches with owner Elon Musk’s original idea to change X into a “everything app”. Months after starting the process to buy Twitter, Musk said in a tweet that “Buying Twitter will help make X, the everything app, happen faster. ”

Elon Musk wants to turn X into a super app similar to WeChat. Tencent’s WeChat app lets people do lots of things like talk to friends, buy food and make doctor’s appointments.

X has received licenses to transfer money in 14 states, like Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Hampshire, according to data from the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System. X is likely trying to get the same permissions in other states before they officially start the new feature. The platform may need to follow rules for handling money in other places, even though it will start in the United States.

X Payments and other news or changes.

The blog post says there are only a few announcements for X payments. The article says that X wants to make ads and searching better for users by using artificial intelligence (AI). Also, we will make it better at finding and showing you posts that are similar to ones you like. In addition, X is going to add a See Different Posts feature to help users see a variety of information. X will use artificial intelligence to show users posts that are different from what they usually look at, based on their past activity.

Other things they plan to do are: giving money to people who make things and working with companies to make more stuff. They also want to work with important people in the industry to make sure everything is safe for brands.

The post also talked about some of the things X did well in the past year. Some of these changes make it easier for people to use new products and features. They also allow for uploading long videos. In December last year, people watched videos that were at least 30 minutes long for a total of 130 years. X also mentioned that advertising is more fitting and has a greater effect.

Also, X mentioned that it focused even more on Community Notes, which is a feature to check facts and stop fake news from spreading. The platform is working with over 320,000 people in 65 countries.

Last year, xAI, a company started by Musk, launched a new feature called Grok. Grok is an AI search assistant.


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