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Big owner of XRP moves 48 million XRP as the price gets close to $0. 6


XRP, a popular digital currency supported by Ripple Labs, caused a lot of excitement in the cryptocurrency world on Friday. This was because a large amount of the currency was transferred to trading platforms known as CEXs. Interestingly, according to data from a platform that tracks blockchain activity, over 48 million XRP are being moved around, and it has caught the interest of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

Furthermore, as the information came out during the increase in the price of the Ripple-backed token, more conclusions about XRP seem to have been made. Meanwhile, an important person who studies cryptocurrency has brought attention to the current status of XRP in the market. This is getting noticed by cryptocurrency traders all over the world.

Big holder of XRP cryptocurrency transferred coins to centralized exchanges.

Today, January 12, there were two big transactions by wealthy people on the blockchain tracking platform Whale Alert. These movements resulted in the transfer of a large 48. 2 million XRP, causing a lot of speculation in the cryptocurrency market.

Additionally, about the information, these coins were sent to CEXs Bitstamp and Bitso by an unknown address that has been making similar transfers recently. Similarly, another wallet address, r4wf7enWPx. 5XgwHh4Rzn, was seen making these transactions.

Also, according to the information, the mentioned address sent 23. 6 million XRP to Bitstamp, and 24. 6 million XRP to Bitso. Interestingly, this seems to be happening because Ripple recently bought a stake in the exchanges mentioned above.

Meanwhile, as the information about whales (big investors) buying XRP cryptocurrency became known, the feelings of the market for this digital currency seem to be changing in an exciting way.

XRP price goes up

Currently, the price of XRP went up by 0. 71% in the last 24 hours and is now at $0. 5969 Also, the chart for this week showed an increase of 3. 87%

Surprisingly, a well-known person who looks at cryptocurrencies, Cryptoes, studied XRP’s market and made people think about what might happen. Cryptoes reported that the Ripple-supported token went below the 21MA and green resistance, suggesting a downward trend. However, according to the expert, the token’s price might go down to at least $0. 578, before it stabilizes.


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