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Exploring how much Bitcoin 6 new ETFs own.


During the first two days after the United States’ first bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were launched, information about the amount of bitcoins held by these funds has been revealed. Right now, Blackrock is one of the top funds and holds a large amount of 11,439 bitcoins. This does not include Grayscale’s GBTC. Furthermore, the Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC) and the Bitwise Bitcoin Trust (BITB) also have a lot of bitcoin.

Exploring the Investments: Looking at New Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Recently, the United States The SEC allowed 11 bitcoin investment funds to start trading for the first time. Out of these, Hashdex, a digital currency manager, does not currently operate a BTC ETF. On January. Hashdex said in a public announcement that their product is currently a futures product, but they want to change it into a spot BTC ETF in the future. This means that the fund does not currently have any bitcoin in its portfolio.

On Saturday, Bitcoin. com News reported that Blackrock owns 11,439 BTC. The SEC approved funds. Blackrock has the most money, except for Grayscale’s GBTC, which has 617,079 BTC as of Jan. On March 13, 2024. This means that the amount of Bitcoin Blackrock has gotten recently makes up 1. 85% of Grayscale’s total holdings.

The Bitwise ETF has $242,940,653 in assets. According to information from bitcointreasuries. net user @girevik, when you divide the total value of assets Bitwise has by the reference price of Bitcoin on Thursday and Friday, it looks like Bitwise has about 5,550 BTC. However, the exact amount of BTC is not officially shown on the Bitwise website, it only shows the total value of assets in the United States. dollars

11, has about $190 million in assets under management. This means that Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund has almost as much money as Bitwise. On December 12, 2024, he has 5,290 bitcoins. Vaneck’s new bitcoin investment fund, called HODL, shows exactly how much bitcoin it has – 1,640. 92 Another player, Franklin Templeton’s investment fund called EZBC, also holds some bitcoin. On Friday, the fund had 1,131 BTC on its website.

Also, the ARK 21shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB) website shows that the fund has about 1,625 BTC, which equals to a value of $75,833,696. Valkyrie, which Coinshares recently bought, has 1,102. 87 Bitcoin, as shown on the BRRR fund’s website. The Invesco Galaxy ETF, also called BTCO, does not currently show how much of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin it has on its website. The page that would have this information is waiting for an update. Similarly, Wisdomtree and its BTCW fund have not shown the total number of bitcoins they have on their website.

Out of all the funds we mentioned earlier, such as Blackrock’s holdings, the ETFs together have about 26,152 BTC. This is worth $1. 11 billion based on the current BTC exchange rates. This number, while important, is not very big when compared to Grayscale’s large amount of 617,079 BTC. It’s only 4. 23% of GBTC’s total holdings. Additionally, people from other countries Exchange-traded products (ETPs) have more bitcoin than the recently introduced spot bitcoin ETFs. For instance, Bitwise’s BITW fund has 11,003 Bitcoins.

Canada’s Purpose ETF has 34,007 BTC and the ETC Physical Bitcoin fund on the Xetra trading platform has 26,858 BTC. Coinshare has a fund called XBT. ST that is traded on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange. This fund owns 18,783 BTC. Also, by January 14, 2024, Grayscale’s Digital Large Cap fund has 6,391 BTC.


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