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5 Best Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) Providers .


There are a lot of wallets you can use to keep your digital money safe. Some of these wallets are made by their own developers, but others are made by different companies and just have their brand on them. This lets companies use a digital wallet without having to create or take care of it themselves.

Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) developers make wallets that can be added to dapps and apps. These wallets help people store their crypto money safely. If you want to make your app better by adding a native wallet, here are five good providers to pick from.


Magic is a top WaaS developer of web3 wallets. Top brands, including those in the crypto and traditional industries, depend on its wallet solutions to give their users full access to web3. This means helping with both tokens and NFTs. This has made Magic very popular with web2 brands who want to offer their customers digital collectibles and rewards apps.

The toy company Mattel used magic to make its collectibles wallet. Magic has made a special product for people who are new to web3. This means that we have focused a lot on making sure the user experience is good. We have worked hard to make things simple and easy to find within a gallery. Magic makes it easier for millions of people to use web3 by offering social login and over 10 ways to prove who you are.

Particle Network

Particle creates many different tools for web3, and its Wallet-as-a-Service product is easy to use and connect to. Developers can quickly add a wallet to their dapp in 30 minutes. Particle gives dapps tools to connect to many different blockchains, and its WaaS works with iOS, Android, and web apps.

Particle supports over 30 blockchains and also supports NFTs. Particle wallets have a feature that lets you easily use your regular money to buy cryptocurrency. By installing the SDK, developers can easily put their own wallet into their app or platform and customize the way it looks.


Web3Auth is a company that helps projects use a very secure wallet to keep their users’ money safe. Plus, its wallets are user-friendly, especially for people who are new to cryptocurrency. This is possible because of things like MPC and account abstraction, which gets rid of the need for a seed phrase.

Web3Auth offers a lot of choices for a white-label wallet. Select the Core Kit, which can be hosted on its own with Web3Auth SDKs to connect. Or choose Plug N Play. This makes it easy for projects to include a crypto wallet in just a few minutes, with a design that they can customize completely. If you want a fancy wallet with lots of features, then Web3Auth is the best choice for you.


If you have a web2 company and want to introduce your users to the best parts of web3, Privy can provide a customized wallet with your company’s branding. Privy’s WaaS is made to give you a web experience similar to Web2. Consider using social login, gradually introducing users to the platform, and ensuring strong security measures. Privy is happy that its code has been thoroughly checked for errors.

The Privy’s WaaS is easy to integrate, and the onboarding experience is just as good as using the wallet itself. Privy’s white-label wallets are really good at connecting to dapps, so users can easily use DeFi and NFTs.


Thirdweb makes it easy to see everything you need to make your own branded wallet on one page. Select how you want to look, choose a style, and decide which dapps and features you want to include. You can sign in with your email or social media accounts, and connect with web wallets like MetaMask.

You can easily enable account abstraction for a seedless design with just one click. You also have the option to choose a secondary way to verify your account. When you finish choosing, just copy the code from Thirdweb and put it into your app. Who said making a wallet had to be hard.

Thanks to ready-made solutions from Magic, Particle, Web3Auth, Privy, and Thirdweb, it’s now easier than ever to add crypto features to your app. Wallet-as-a-Service has made it easier for people to start using web3. It used to be difficult, but now it’s simple.


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