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Scammers steal more than $4 million in assets from Solana wallets.


According to the company Scam Sniffer, criminals have stolen more than $4 million in digital money from people’s wallets by tricking them into giving away their personal information in the last month.

Solana users need to be careful and watch out for phishing attacks.

In a new report, the company studied many things that bad people do on websites that trick Solana users. They also looked at how these websites are changing to trick people who use digital money.

The bad actors did things that caused 3,947 people to lose about $4. 17 million in assets. Phishing incidents are increasing in the market.

Scam Sniffer got a message from someone about being tricked in an airdrop scam. The scam involved a fake offer for a non-fungible token (NFT) and ended up with losing money after agreeing to the deal.

This phishing scam targeted ZERO token holders by sending them to fake NFT websites and then using the tokens to send out more links.

After checking more, it was found that when the links were opened, a message showed that the simulation failed. This made the victim confirm the transaction, but the details were hidden.

A report from Dune says that about 2,189 people lost around $2. 14 million to scams involving digital tokens like BONK, ZERO, USDT, and USDT.

Actors who are not good at their job use tricky plans instead.

According to the report, scammers have been using a more advanced way of tricking people into giving them personal information. This has caused financial losses despite companies trying to keep things secure.

The scammers were caught doing phishing scams on the Solana network without using NFTs because they cannot be blacklisted. Node Drainers was seen on X (formerly Twitter) after Mediant’s account was hacked, saying they would give out Phantom tokens to people.

“The PHNTM distribution has officially begun. ” Our picture shows more than 250,000 wallets. Go to our website to see if you can get tokens. The tokens you’ll get depend on your portfolio and position in the snapshot.

The new model lost about $2. 02 million from the market in less than two weeks. This brings the total figure to nearly $4 million, and 1,759 users were affected.

Businesses are trying hard to stop scammers, but the scammers keep coming up with new ways to trick people into giving them money.

We saw that they ran their own Matomo and tracked every move. They are trying to collect information to make more people buy their products. This was also part of the Christmas scam trying to trick Bonk holders using their transaction ID. We connected this to the related information on the blockchain.

More and more people are getting tricked by phishing scams in 2023, and it’s causing over $375 million in losses, according to Chainalysis data. Experts recommend not doing any transactions unless you trust the platform.


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