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Ego Death Capital plans to raise $100 million to invest in the Bitcoin system.


To help Bitcoin grow, Ego Death Capital is starting a new funding round called Fund II. They want to raise $100 million. Established in 2021, a group of business investors, including Jeff Booth, Andi Pitt, and Nico Lechuga, with advice from Preston Pysh, Lyn Alden, and Pablo Fernandez, have started a new fund called Fund II. They are putting their money into businesses that are helping Bitcoin grow.

“Jeff Booth, one of the founders, said that a system that brings truth, hope, and lots of good things to our world is growing really fast, and we feel lucky to be a part of it. “

Fund I collected $25. 2 million, showing that ego death capital could see that Bitcoin is not just a way to save money, but also a key part of a new internet system that connects people directly using energy. Their first fund was successful because they made smart investments in companies like Fedi, Breez, Synota, Relai, and Wolf.

In 2024, there is still not enough investment money for companies that only use Bitcoin. Investors don’t completely understand how Bitcoin works and how it’s changing and growing. Fund II wants to help Bitcoin-focused business owners by giving them support and money. These business owners have a hard time convincing investors to give them money because they also have to explain how the Bitcoin industry is changing.

“I’m really happy to join ego death capital as a GP. ” Preston Pysh said, “We think Bitcoin is unique from everything else. ” “Bitcoin is unique because it’s designed to be really safe and not controlled by just one person or group. To do that, we need to make sure that the 2nd and 3rd layers can handle more work. In my opinion, if someone builds on a different system at the basic level, it’s like building on unstable ground. We are focusing on finding leaders in finance who are humble, thoughtful, and constructive. They bring efficiency and value to their customers and those they serve.

The world is changing to use a more honest system with Bitcoin. Ego Death Capital’s Fund II wants to help by finding and supporting businesses that are part of this change. The $100 million fund wants to help make new and valuable ideas happen in the growing Bitcoin world.

Anyone who wants to join in funding can contact us here.


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