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Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new virtual assistant for their cars. It uses NFT and Generative AI technology.


The virtual assistant is made to have friendly and understanding conversations with customers and can express four different emotions.

One way we can see blockchain-based assets advancing is by making them easier to use in daily life. This is very true when big companies are making them do things, and we have seen it happen many times. Mercedes-Benz recently showed off its new MBUX Virtual Assistant at CES 2024. This virtual assistant can do a lot of things, like using advanced AI and having NFT options.

Information About the MBUX Virtual Assistant

This new virtual assistant is said to be the most human-like way to control a Mercedes-Benz car. The assistant is made to talk to people in a friendly and understanding way, and it can show four different emotions. This means that when people use the assistant, they will get more detailed and personalized answers.

Generative AIs have been getting a lot of attention recently and companies are working hard to make them available to users. More and more people want AI assistants and products to be more accurate and act more like humans. Quality AI content is becoming more popular, and big companies are starting to take part in it too.

Mercedes-Benz has made their navigation system better by using advanced graphics and technology to make it easier to use. Another important change is that the app now has NFT features. The MBUX Virtual Assistant can now show NFTs to drivers. It’s the first car in the world to be able to do this.

This happens when the NFT market has not been doing very well lately. Many people have said that NFTs are not popular anymore, but it seems like some people still want them. NFTs are still being created and used in the larger NFT market as well as by big companies. For instance, Mercedes-Benz has launched a special Mercedes-Benz NXT Superdackel collection to remember the CES event from last year.

The crypto market is expected to improve this year, and the NFT market might also start doing better. Mercedes-Benz isn’t only offering NFTs and generative AI to its customers. The company said they are teaming up with artist Will. iam to make a new music system for cars called MBUX SOUND DRIVE. Other partnerships include working with Audible and Amazon Music to make the experience of listening to stories in the car even better.

If people like these features, it will be exciting to see what Mercedes-Benz will show at next year’s CES.


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