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Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 series is now available in stores. These phones come with advanced AI technology built in.


Samsung announced at the Unpacked event on Wednesday that the new smartphone series will use Galaxy AI, its own artificial intelligence system.

Samsung, a big company that makes phones and other electronics, has shown its new best product, the Samsung Galaxy S24. It has really smart features that use artificial intelligence.

The company announced new products on January 17, 2024, at a big event in San Jose, California, after showing them off at their Kings London office earlier in the week.

Information about what a product can do and how much it costs.

Samsung has a new phone called the Galaxy S24. It comes in different versions like the S24, S24 Plus, and the fancy S24 Ultra.

Samsung said that the S24 and S24+ phones use Qualcomm and Samsung’s own chips. At the same time, the S24 Ultra is the best model from the company, and it has strong features with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3 optimized for Galaxy.

Samsung made the screen bigger for the new Galaxy S24 phones. The regular S24 phone now has a larger 6. 2-inch screen, while the S24 Plus has a bigger 6. 7-inch The S24 Ultra is still big at 6. 8 inches, but its screen is flat instead of curved.

Furthermore, the S24 Ultra’s metal body is now made of titanium, which makes it a little thinner but not lighter than the older versions. The S24 and S24 Plus have a new look with less curved edges and more straight edges.

Samsung changed the S24 Ultra’s second zoom camera so it now has 5 times magnification instead of 10 times. But it can still achieve 10 times magnification using a special technique. The change is important for one of the main parts of the Galaxy Ultra lineup.

The company announced that the Galaxy S24 will cost $800 and the Galaxy S24 Plus will cost $1000. The Ultra version will be sold for $1300, which is $100 more than the last model.

You can order the phones before they are officially released, and they will start shipping on January 31, 2024.

Smartphones that use AI technology.

At the Unpacked event on Wednesday, Samsung said that the new smartphones use Galaxy AI, their artificial intelligence system.

“Galaxy AI was made using our history of being innovative and our knowledge of how people use their phones. ” “We can’t wait to see how people all over the world use Galaxy AI to make their lives better. It will open up new opportunities,” said TM Roh, a high-ranking Samsung executive.

The phones have Galaxy AI which includes different AI features like “Live Translate” for instant voice and text translations. This helps users write in the right way and understand foreign languages during phone calls.

The S24 series can be used to make phone calls between different languages and dialects, and it works for calls between cell phones and home phones. People can choose the language they want to use on their phone, and the phone remembers which languages were used in each call. The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with an S Pen and can use AI to change handwritten notes into digital text and also correct any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Samsung said that the new smartphones have photo editing tools that use artificial intelligence to help improve pictures. People can move or change the position of things in their pictures and add borders to fix a tilted picture frame using the generative AI tool.

Also, the Galaxy’s AI gives users a way to improve their photos with automatic suggestions for editing.

Samsung promises that its phones will receive updates to the operating system for seven generations and security updates for seven years.


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