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Polkadot helps MeWe move to a new web platform. 500,000 users like the change.


  • MeWe, Polkadot, and Amplica Labs are helping 500,000 users move to Web3. They are giving people ownership of their data, privacy, and control.
  • Project Libertyā€™s DSNP integration allows people to claim unique usernames and manage their online identity.

MeWe, a social network, has reached a big goal by working with Polkadot and Amplica Labs. More than 500,000 people are using MeWe with Polkadot, which makes it part of the Web3 era. This information was shared in a tweet.

Social network @MeWe has successfully moved 500,000 active users on-chain thanks to an integration with the Polkadot parachain @one_frequency, and @AmplicaLabs šŸŒ

This migration from Web 2.0 to Web3 is the largest of its kind and was carried out seamlessly without disruptingā€¦

ā€” Polkadot (@Polkadot) January 17, 2024

This movement is the biggest of its kind and has been done without interrupting the user’s experience. The change is a big step in giving people more control over their data and privacy online.

Success in moving to Web3 technology.

The social network MeWe, which is known worldwide and has over 20 million users, has teamed up with Amplica Labs, a technology company, to change the way we use the internet. They used the Frequency blockchain to help 500,000 MeWe users move to the Web3 system easily.

This incredible accomplishment shows a new way for people to move from the old internet to the new internet, while making sure they have a good experience.

Giving power to Web3 functions.

With this move to a new platform, MeWe users will now be able to use many new and powerful features that will make their experience even better. These features include:

  • Data Ownership: Users now have full control over their data, which is a change from platforms that sometimes use user information without permission.
  • Universal Handle: Being able to use the same username everywhere makes it easier for people to recognize and communicate with each other online.
  • More Privacy: Web3 gives you better privacy protection, which makes it safer than traditional Web 2. 0
  • More Control: Users can do more to control their online presence and interactions, which makes the internet safer and lets users customize their experience.

In 2022, MeWe announced that it will use the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) created by the Project Liberty Foundation.

The Project Liberty initiative wants to make social media better by moving it from closed platforms to the internet. It has a $500 million commitment to make this happen. This partnership will help MeWe lead in changing how people use the internet and control their data.

Amplica Labs is helping in the transition to Web3.

Amplica Labs, a very important part of the Frequency ecosystem and a part of McCourt Globalā€™s technology business, played a very important role in making this migration happen. Braxton Woodham, who helped create DSNP and is the president of Amplica Labs, talked about how quickly their company is growing and their dedication to making tools and systems that help developers make new social networks.

McCourt Global has said that Amplica Labs is now a key part of Project Liberty, which aims to take on Big Tech and bring in a new era of innovation for everyone. This partnership with Project Liberty Foundation puts Amplica Labs in a good position. The foundation has many international partners, including Georgetown University, Stanford University, and Sciences Po.

Amplica Labs will mainly work on creating advanced digital technology and setting up the basic structure for the future of digital connections in this partnership.

Polkadot is being traded for $7. 20 right now, and its value has gone down by 2. 4% in the last 24 hours.


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