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Trezor’s security is breached and 66,000 users’ information is exposed: Phishing Risks Heightened


Trezor said there was a security problem and about 66,000 users’ contact information was exposed.

On January 20, Trezor said they found out that someone had gotten into a website they use for help from outside people on January 17.

The company said that people who spoke to Trezor’s support team after December 2021 could be impacted by this security problem.

The well-known company that makes wallets for cryptocurrency said that no one’s money was stolen during the problem.

The company told its customers that their Trezor devices are still very safe.

We want to make it clear that none of our users’ money was stolen in this incident. “Your Trezor device is just as safe as it was yesterday. ”

But, if the breach happens, people’s contact details could be exposed and they could be targeted by phishing attacks.

Phishing is a common type of cybercrime where bad people pretend to be someone you trust to get you to give them your personal information like your passwords or credit card details.

Trezor sent emails to 66,000 people to warn them about the risk of phishing.

41 people got fake emails trying to steal their personal information.

It’s important to know that at least 41 people have gotten emails from the attacker asking for their private recovery information.

Also, eight people who signed up for the trial discussion platform through a different company had their personal information leaked.

Trezor said that no secret passwords were shared after the breach.

The company says they quickly told the users who got strange emails within one hour of the problem happening.

Good news, there hasn’t been a big increase in scams from this security problem.

Trezor is a well-known company that makes cryptocurrency wallets, but it has had some problems with security.

In March, the company told users to be careful of a phishing attack that tried to take investors’ money by telling them to enter their wallet’s recovery phrase on a fake Trezor website.

In another case, dishonest people were selling fake Trezor hardware and were able to take control of users’ private keys.

In 2023, there were fewer hacking incidents targeting cryptocurrency, even though around $2 billion was lost to crypto thefts.

A new report from De. FI, a web3 security firm, says that hackers stole $2 billion in digital money this year.

Although the amount is still concerning, it is the first time that there has been less crypto hacking since 2021.

The REKT database lists the worst crypto hacks, from the big breach of the Ronin network in 2022, where hackers stole over $600 million in crypto, to the recent attack on Mixin Network, where they got about $200 million.

DeFI said that the total amount of stolen money from different incidents shows that there are still problems and risks in the DeFi system.

“In 2023, we saw that there are still problems to address, but we also made some progress. People were not very interested in the space during the first half of the year because the market was not doing well. “


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