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TelefFónica is working with Helium to bring mobile hotspots to Mexico.


One of the biggest companies that provides phone and internet services. Telefónica (TEF) is setting up mobile hotspots in Mexico City and Oaxaca with Nova Labs, using the Helium blockchain.

Telefónica customers can use Helium’s mobile hotspots to help make mobile coverage better by sharing data. This information comes from a post on the Helium blog. The big telecom company is listed on the stock market and worth over $20 billion. It has 383 million customers and works in Europe and Latin America.

José Juan Haro, who works at Telefónica, said that the program in Mexico is very important for checking how well the solution works, how happy customers are with it, and how much it costs.

The price of Helium’s HNT token went up by 5. 71% in the last 24 hours, but this happened before the news came out, according to data from CoinDesk.

In 2021, Helium joined forces with Dish, a big internet company, to expand its 5G network. It now has nearly one million hotspots in 65,000 cities and 170 countries.

The partnership with Telefónica will help move mobile data to the Helium Mobile Network. This should make the network coverage better for customers.


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