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Binance Research: Understanding the 6 Positive Trends in Crypto for 2024 .


Binance Research, an important group in the crypto world, has shared its predictions for 2024. They point out six positive trends that could change how cryptocurrencies are used. Bitcoin is expected to go up with the approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF, and Ethereum is also expected to make progress in liquid staking and DeFi integration. The cryptocurrency market is ready for big changes.

Bitcoin ETF Approval: A big deal for institutions

Binance Research thinks that if a Spot Bitcoin ETF is approved, it could change everything for Bitcoin. The research team thinks that this will get a lot of big company and media attention and will have a big impact on the world of Bitcoin. “Bitcoin L2s and Ordinals are expected to grow and do well. They will be supported by the thriving BRC20 ecosystem. ”

Ethereum’s Evolution: Liquid Staking and DeFi Integration

Binance Research thinks that Ethereum will make big improvements in 2024. They focus on how it will include liquid staking and DeFi features. Projects like EigenLayer are seen as important factors in changing the way people see Ethereum. The way Ethereum works is going to get better with ZK Rollups, Account Abstraction, and Layer 2 solutions, which will make decentralized applications like Celestia even more advanced.

Solana is becoming important for Decentralized Finance and Social Finance

Solana is expected to be the main place for DePin and SocialFi projects in 2024 because it is very efficient. The blockchain will be used for new projects like Helium, Render, and Hivemapper. ‘X’ introducing payment accounts is expected to help Solana grow even more by allowing people to speculate on crypto and benefitting different projects in the DePin and SocialFi fields.


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