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AI is changing Uganda’s legal system for the better.


  • Uganda’s courts are using new technology to make their work easier and faster. This will help them to handle cases more efficiently.
  • Countries like China and Argentina are using AI in their legal systems, showing how it can be helpful. This has made Uganda want to start using AI in their legal system too.
  • AI can make things faster, but we need to be careful about how accurate, private, and fair it is. We need to watch over it closely when we use it.

The Judiciary in Uganda is starting to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve its work, which is a big change for the legal system there. Uganda’s legal system has a lot of problems, like too many cases and not enough resources. They want to use AI to improve how they give out justice. As countries all over the world deal with more AI, Uganda’s legal system is getting ready to use technology to make legal processes better, easier to access, and more effective.

Studying how AI can help deliver justice

Uganda’s courts used to rely on old ways of doing things, but now they are starting to use AI to work better. Using electronic methods, like electronic evidence and video conferencing, is a big change from the usual way of doing things. These new ideas, along with using AI tools like Chat GTP and Case Mine, show a big change in how legal cases are handled.

AI helps with administrative work like organizing and summarizing legal documents. This saves time for judges, so they can focus on important legal issues. Additionally, when Covid-19 was very bad, the Judiciary was able to hold live court hearings at Kigo prison. This shows that the Judiciary can handle tough situations and it also shows that AI can help with remote court hearings and making sure everyone can get justice.

Although AI can make things more efficient, it also has risks that need to be managed to protect the justice system. Many people are worried about how AI is used because they don’t trust that it’s accurate, private, fair, or secure. Using databases for information can lead to mistakes or relying on sources that are not trustworthy. This could make legal decisions not valid. In order to reduce these risks, it is important to carefully check information from reliable sources like Google Scholar to make sure it is credible.

Ensuring that AI-driven processes keep information private, secure, and accountable is really important for people to trust the legal system. Creating clear limits and specific rules can stop too much information and reduce the chance of unfair results from AI. As Uganda’s courts use AI technology, they need to balance making things faster with doing the right thing, so that technology can help improve the justice system.

Using ideas and examples from other countries.

The United Kingdom, especially England and Wales, is showing Uganda’s Judiciary how to use AI. The UK has used advanced technology to put AI into legal processes. This sets an example for other places to do the same. The new AI guidance for courts in England and Wales shows that they are trying to use technology to help solve legal problems.

Uganda’s courts can make their system work better by training their judges and using new technology like AI. By looking at what the UK has done, Uganda can use AI to solve current problems and also make sure its laws can keep up with changes in society and technology.

As Uganda’s court system starts using AI, it is at a very important point in its development. Although AI has great potential to solve long-standing problems, it’s important to carefully think about the risks and ethical concerns. How can Uganda make sure to use AI to make the legal system work better, while also being careful about any problems it might cause. Using AI in the justice system has good and bad things, so it needs to be done carefully and with a focus on being fair and accountable.

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