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The competition for the best AI smartphone is getting intense at CES 2024.


  • CES 2024: Rabbit R1 is the star of the show, trying to be better than smartphones with a smart computer system.
  • People have different feelings about Humane’s AI Pin, which shows that it’s hard to get people to stop using smartphones.
  • Competition is getting tougher to make the best AI technology, like the iPhone. OpenAI and Apple are the focus of this competition.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a place where new technology is shown, and this year, they focused on artificial intelligence (AI). The event showed how AI is affecting our daily lives, from smart household items to AI-controlled vehicles and robots. At CES 2024, people were buzzing about the Rabbit R1, a new product made just for AI. Instead of adding AI to something that already exists, this product was made especially for AI.

Rabbit R1 is making AI-driven devices possible

The Rabbit R1 has a unique shape, screen, camera, and scroll wheel that makes it different from other devices. Although it doesn’t look like a regular smartphone, the people who made it have big plans for it. Called the “future of how we connect with machines” and a “small companion,” the R1 wants to change how we use technology. The R1 is not just another device with AI features. It wants to replace regular smartphones by putting all apps together in one place controlled by artificial intelligence.

What makes the R1 different is how it trains. The device watches and learns from how people use different apps, like picking a song on Spotify or getting an Uber. Over time, it gets really good at doing these things on its own. This lets people easily ask it to do things like calling a taxi.

The AI pin: Some people are excited about it, while others have concerns

A company called Humane, which was unknown before, has come out of hiding to show off the AI Pin. It’s a small computer that you can attach to your clothes and it connects to AI technology to do cool stuff. The AI Pin has a camera and can connect to ChatGPT. It can do things without needing users to use a screen. Although this new idea got a lot of attention, some people didn’t like it at first because of the weird launch video and the idea that it didn’t have very good AI abilities.

Humane had to lay off ten workers, which is four percent of its employees, because the Rabbit R1 became very popular. The company said it needs to save money, but it also shows that the AI hardware market is very competitive.

Success of Rabbit R1 and struggle of humans

People had different feelings about the Rabbit R1 and the AI Pin. This gives us interesting information about what people like and what they expect when they buy things. The Rabbit R1, which costs $199, sold very fast. They made more batches, and all of them sold out quickly too. This shows that a lot of people like it. The R1’s success might be because of its appealing marketing, which shows it as a look into an exciting future instead of a big change from current technology.

However, not everyone is sure about Humane’s idea to help people spend less time on their phones. Although people worry about spending too much time on screens and its impact on their health, smartphones are still a big part of everyday life. Some people may not want to give up their familiar smartphones, even as AI technology gets better.

The iPhone of artificial intelligence: An exciting project

There are some rumors that OpenAI, who made ChatGPT, might be working with Jony Ive, the former Apple design boss, on something new. They want to make a really good artificial intelligence device, like the iPhone. They think having good hardware is important for people to have a good experience using AI. With support from Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, who has invested a lot of money in the project, this project has the potential to make a big difference. But other companies like Apple also use AI in their smartphones, and that makes it hard for this new company to compete.

CES 2024 started a competition to create the best AI device, similar to the iPhone. The Rabbit R1 is becoming very popular because of its new way of using AI, but the AI Pin is having difficulties in changing how we use technology. As technology keeps changing, we might see new devices with AI that can change how we live every day. We don’t know yet if these new inventions can really replace our favorite smartphones, but people are still looking for the perfect AI device.

Warning: The information given is not advice for buying and selling stocks.


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