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CES 2024 displays the latest technology in AI, sustainability, and business marketing.


  • The CES 2024 show introduced new ways that AI is being used, like taking care of pets and making better mattresses. This is changing many different industries.
  • Sustainability became a focus with power solutions for places not connected to the main power grid and home appliances that use energy efficiently.
  • Business technology marketing changed, combining strategies used for selling to businesses and strategies used for selling to consumers. At the Consumer Electronics Show, there were fast advancements in artificial intelligence and strong promises for sustainability.

The famous CES 2024 show has impressed the global tech industry with amazing new inventions. This year, 135,000 people came to the event. The event showed big changes in artificial intelligence, sustainability, and businesses using technology to market their products.

AI pioneering diverse applications

The main focus of CES 2024 was the strong impact of AI, shown through many different and interesting uses. One important example was when Blovo Animal Health and Lovo Tales worked together to improve pet healthcare. By using AI, pet owners can easily connect with vets and keep track of their pet’s health using ChatGPT. This new idea will save money on taking care of pets and give owners more control over their pet’s health information.

DeRUCCI introduced the T11 Pro Smart Mattress, which uses AI to track things like snoring, temperature, and how much you move while sleeping. This helps you sleep better. One special thing is that it can make quick decisions in the bedroom to keep you comfortable.

Also, talking to important people in the car industry like Sandip Ranjhan, who is the CEO of Cerebrumx, showed how AI is very important for cars. AI is going to change how things work in insurance by helping to analyze data and summarize it at the edge. It will help make risk decisions better and improve how things are taken care of to prevent problems.

AI in manufacturing: A multimodal approach

IBM is a company. Highlighted uses of AI are in making things, managing how things are moved from one place to another, and taking steps to protect the environment. The talk focused on using AI with the data to make industrial processes and maintenance better. Basic models in different industries stay the same, but the data used may change.

Amazon Web Services Inc. is a company that provides cloud computing services. Explored how AWS works with other companies and the cloud to help manufacturing. Users can use special Amazon Web Services (AWS) hardware or regular industrial computers with either Linux or Windows operating systems. The meeting highlighted how easy it is to set up and customize data collection and calculations using AWS IoT SiteWise Edge.

Natalya Lopareva, the boss of Algorized, showed off their software that uses AI to sense things from far away. The software can really understand things and people in different places, not just in the usual way. It shows how to detect breathing in cars and tell the difference between adults and kids, which is important for keeping places safe. The software works better with Qorvo’s radar chip, making it more accurate and dependable.

The company called Stacksync is a new business that is working on connecting different customer management systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot with databases like Snowflake, BigQuery, and MongoDB. They want to make sure that the information in these systems is always up to date and matches the information in the databases. This two-way connection allows for easy data updates using SQL, which creates one reliable source of information. Although it may not be directly focused on artificial intelligence, keeping data clean and connected is very important for creating AI-based data products, especially in Customer360 views.

AI empowering accessibility

Dot Lumen is a new company that used AI technology to make a small headset that vibrates and is used for self-driving cars. This new technology helps people with low vision or blindness to find their way on the streets. It makes it easier for them to get around and go places. The app goes beyond helping guide dogs. It uses AI to solve an important problem.

At CES 2024, companies with big goals around the world were focused on sustainability. The main ideas were about using solar and wind power to create mobile energy and having battery backups for homes instead of using generators. Home machines also got better at saving energy, like the GE Profile Combo washer and dryer. It can wash and dry a large comforter in less than three hours.

These changes show that companies are increasingly focused on making products and business plans that are good for the environment.

CES 2024 saw a change in how companies advertise their technology products. Businesses sell to other businesses and to regular customers. Their strategies for selling to other businesses and to regular customers work together. The idea of a “software-defined automobile” became popular, but some companies may be using fancy words without really understanding the concept.

Progress and new opportunities

CES 2024 showed many new AI uses, emphasized how important it is to be sustainable, and saw how B2B and B2C marketing can work together. The AI technology is improving quickly, and people at the exhibition were talking about how it can be used in real life and how to make sure it’s safe. Many exhibitors were focused on sustainability, like using renewable energy and reusing resources, especially if they wanted to sell their products worldwide.

As technology keeps changing, we will see if making business technology simpler for consumer apps continues to work well. CES 2024 has proven that innovation can come from anywhere, and the tech community is really excited to see what new developments will come next.

Warning: This information is not advice for trading.


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