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Oasis Pro, a company that works with blockchain technology, is making changes to its management in order to try to get more money.


Blockchain company Oasis said on Tuesday that they have changed the top leaders in their company. The company has announced that Alana Ackerson will be their new president. The company is getting new leaders because they want to get more money to grow.

Oasis has chosen Alana Ackerson to be its new president

Oasis Pro announced on Tuesday that their new president, Alana Ackerson, has a lot of experience and skills to help the company. This means creating and growing advanced financial technology companies. Before, she helped start Figure Technologies and Provenance Blockchain.

Oasis has a new leader at a time when the company wants to get more money and more customers. According to the company, Ackerson will focus on growing the company’s money in the future.

Oasis needs more money and is asking for help again

Oasis is trying to find a new president for their company and they are also hoping to get some money from investors. Bloomberg reports that Oasis is getting more money from investors for its next stage of growth.

However, the timing of getting more money seems a little opposite to what the market is doing. Investment in the blockchain market has been decreasing since 2022 because of things like the FTX company failing, the government raising interest rates, and the market being unsure. Oasis will now try to attract more investors with the new management change.

The blockchain market has received less money for the past two years in a row

According to Crunchbase, money for Web3 businesses – those in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries – went down by 74% in 2023 compared to the year before. Last year, startups received less than $7 billion in 1,564 deals. In 2022, there were 2,891 transactions totaling $26. 6

But, because the value of the market is increasing and people think it will get better, the overall feeling in the market is positive. In 2021, the value of the blockchain technology market around the world was estimated to be $5. 85 By 2030, it’s expected to increase to $1,235. 71 billion, with an annual growth rate of 82. 8%

Blockchain technology has been used in different areas to make it grow and advance. One of the most important things is the growing need for e-identity. As more governments use blockchain technology for identification and other processes, it helps make the sector more legitimate and valid. This could make investors feel more confident and might make the market more stable. Other industries such as healthcare, electric vehicles, and education are also important. In the future, we will depend a lot on blockchain technology.

Even though less money has been invested in the digital ledger market recently, people still expect the startup businesses in this area to grow a lot.


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