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AI is changing public transportation to meet the needs of commuters.


  • AI is making public transportation better by making it more efficient and improving the experience for customers, even though there are challenges like fewer people using public transit.
  • AI makes routes better, guesses how much people will need things, and makes using energy better. This helps more people get things and makes customers happy.
  • Real-life examples demonstrate how AI helps make transportation better using cloud technology and working together, even when money is tight.

The way people travel to work in America is changing a lot. This is happening because more people are working from home and are worried about their safety because of COVID-19. To stay important and keep up with what people need, public transportation agencies all over the country need to find new and creative ways to do things.

Riders want transit that is easy to use, works well, and is available when they need it. To meet these needs and increase the number of people using public transportation again, using artificial intelligence (AI) could be really helpful.

Improving how well things work and making them able to change using AI

The pandemic made 80% fewer people use public transportation than before. This made transit operators look for AI-powered solutions. One of the most expected uses of AI in public transportation is finding the best routes.

AI programs use old data to guess how much people will need a service, and use different things to figure that out. This helps companies plan schedules and use their resources better. AI systems can use data from GPS, ticketing systems, and social media to give passengers up-to-date and correct information. This helps keep services running smoothly, even when things like road closures or repairs happen.

AI can help us understand and look at things that are happening right now, like how cars move and when accidents happen. This helps transit providers find and deal with unexpected problems, making customers happier.

Furthermore, AI can help save energy, use less fuel, and lower greenhouse gas pollution, especially when used with electric cars and other types of fuel.

Making it easier for people to use and helping customers with their needs

Using AI to analyze customer support tickets helps companies understand what riders need better. This helps them make better decisions to make customers happier.

Using AI to look at the types of people who use transit and how they travel helps transit authorities find out where people need services that are easy to use, so everyone can be included.

Combining AI and IoT can help track fleets of vehicles and infrastructure, make quick decisions, and predict what might happen using data. Using AI technology, predictive maintenance can find and fix problems before they get too big.

Moving from waiting for things to break and then fixing them to actively preventing problems makes everything run more smoothly and makes it better for people using it. This means less things breaking, everything lasting longer, saving money, and making it more dependable.

Successful use of AI: Examples from real life

Many transportation companies are using AI technology and seeing good results. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority tested a new computer system that uses the internet to help buses get through traffic lights faster. It works with the current system to show where buses are in real-time. By using computer programs that can learn, the VTA made travel times on Route 77 18% to 20% faster.

In addition, public transportation agencies like Dutchess County Public Transit, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, and Saskatoon Transit are trying out AI technology to help them predict when maintenance is needed. These tools use sensors to find problems on buses. This makes fixing the buses faster and saves time.

Beating money problems

Although AI could help public transportation a lot, many agencies don’t have enough money. To make AI work well, organizations need to think of new and creative ways to do it.

Cloud-based solutions can grow easily and can combine a lot of data from different sources. Working together between mission teams is really important for this project. AI’s amazing ability to bring people together from different areas and make it easy to share information across different platforms is what makes it so powerful.

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