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What Will Happen to the Price of Bitcoin After Halving. Three Analysts Explain .


Every four years, the Bitcoin (BTC) halving happens and it is a big deal for the cryptocurrency market. In the past, when the amount of new BTC available has been reduced, the price has gone up in the months that followed.

Clem Chambers, the boss of Online Blockchain, thinks the halving is a big deal for Bitcoin. “The CEO said this is a big change based on the idea that ‘code is law,’ instead of dealing with the complications of ETFs that interfere with people’s desires. ”

Chambers said that the halving will definitely happen, and it won’t be influenced by humans, different opinions, problems, or policy changes. “This fact is really important because it will affect the price of Bitcoin a lot,” he said.

Talking about what happened after the last halving, Chambers said that it made Bitcoin’s value go up really fast. But he thinks that the Bitcoin market is getting better at reacting to events and incorporating their effects into prices.

Taras Kulyk, who started SunnySide Digital and is the boss, talked about his thoughts. SunnySide Digital provides equipment and services for Bitcoin mining. Kulyk thinks that the halving will probably make it hard for miners who have higher costs because they will make less money.

Kulyk thinks that if the economy stays strong in the U. S, there will be a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the industry as it grows and becomes more stable. Kulyk thinks that power companies will get bigger in the next 4 years and start making money from building new energy plants.

Because of these reasons, Kulyk thinks that the price of Bitcoin will be between $60,000 and $100,000 by the end of the year, based on how it has been in the past.

Rishabh Gupta, who is the TDeFi Operations Director, said he doesn’t think the halving will have as much of an impact on the price of Bitcoin as the previous ones.

Gupta thinks the market could change every four years.

“The four-year plan will be different because institutions are demonstrating more faith and participation. ” That’s why I think things will change this time. I don’t believe the halving will change the market. Many BTC are stored in wallets and have not been traded yet. Releasing these BTCs will have a bigger effect than the halving. “The four-year cycle will change because of companies getting involved, not just because of the halving. “

Gupta didn’t guess the price, but he thinks the value of BTC will go up a lot after April. He thinks it will be higher than the highest it has ever been, which was $69,000.

This is not advice about what to do with your money.


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