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PlanB, the creator of the S2F Model, has predicted that the price of Bitcoin will increase after the halving event because it will become more scarce than gold.


PlanB, the founder of the Stock-2-Flow (S2F) model, once again expressed his strong support for Bitcoin (BTC). The analyst predicts that Bitcoin will become rarer than gold and real estate after the halving event in April.

PlanB suggests that it would be surprising if Bitcoin’s market cap, currently under $1 trillion, remains below the gold market cap, which is over $10 trillion after the halving. According to the analyst, this means a potential BTC price of over $500,000, calculated by dividing the gold market value by the total number of Bitcoins (20 million).

The S2F ratio, which measures rarity, is around 60 for gold and 100 for real estate. Notably, Bitcoin’s S2F ratio is predicted to reach around 110 after the upcoming halving.

According to PlanB, Bitcoin’s price is likely to rise as high as $55,000 before the next halving event. This event, scheduled to take place in April, will reduce the Bitcoin block reward by 50% to 3,125 BTC, making Bitcoin even rarer.

PlanB expects Bitcoin price to reach a high of $532,000 in the long term. This extremely bullish price call is set for 2025.

The analyst has long been criticized that the S2F model has difficulty predicting the BTC price.

*This is not investment advice.


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