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XRPL Commons and UNESCO’s Chair are working together to help more people learn about blockchain technology.


In a bid to enhance education and research in blockchain technology, XRPL Commons, the Paris-based nonprofit, has partnered with UNESCO’s Chair of Innovation, Transmission, and Digital Publishing (ITEN). This collaboration aims to bring together their expertise to drive advancements in blockchain education.

The partnership, announced today, highlights XRPL Commons’ dedication to promoting learning and collaboration within the global blockchain community. By teaming up with UNESCO’s Chair ITEN, known for its focus on digital technology and research in higher education, XRPL Commons aims to expand the reach and effectiveness of blockchain education initiatives, not only in France but also internationally.

The collaboration will focus on various initiatives, including joint research projects, educational events, and the creation of innovative learning materials on blockchain technology. Through these efforts, XRPL Commons and UNESCO’s Chair ITEN aim to bridge the gap between academic research and real-world applications in the blockchain industry.

David Bchiri, President of XRPL Commons, emphasized the importance of partnering with UNESCO’s Chair ITEN to advance blockchain education. “Our partnership with UNESCO’s Chair of ITEN is a significant step forward in our mission to promote education and empowerment within the blockchain community,” said Bchiri.
“By pooling our resources and knowledge, we hope to drive meaningful progress in blockchain technology and its global impact.”

David Bchiri, President of XRPL Commons
Matthieu Quiniou, Co-director of UNESCO’s Chair ITEN, echoed Bchiri’s sentiments, highlighting the potential of the partnership to drive innovation in blockchain education.

“Through our collaboration with XRPL Commons, we have a unique opportunity to leverage our combined expertise to push the boundaries of innovation in blockchain technology,” said Quiniou. “Together, we are committed to advancing blockchain education and research for the benefit of society.”

The partnership between XRPL Commons and UNESCO’s Chair ITEN is expected to yield significant benefits for the global blockchain community. By working together to achieve common goals, both organizations aim to contribute to the advancement of blockchain education and research on a global scale.


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