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Co-op grocery stores are increasing security because crime rates are going up.


  • Co-op supermarkets are using better security to fight increasing crime.
  • Gangs and criminal groups are causing big problems, with more stealing and violence happening.
  • People are asking for new laws to protect retail workers from getting hurt and stop criminals from doing bad things.

Due to an increase in theft in stores, Co-op supermarkets have put in more than 200 secure cash registers and locked cabinets for alcohol in their UK stores. Moreover, the big grocery store is using AI technology to keep an eye on self-checkouts in order to stop more theft and violence in its stores.

Retail crime is going up, and it’s worrying.

“Last year, there was a big 44% jump in retail crime. Around 1,000 crimes happened every day in Co-op stores. ” The company’s secret security team caught 3,361 people for doing bad things like stealing and bothering others. Physical attacks on staff have been increasing, so we need to improve security right away.

“More and more crime groups are becoming organized. “

Matt Hood, who runs the Co-op’s food business, said that the increase in crime is not just random, but shows that organized criminals are involved. Shoplifting went up by 48%, with almost 298,000 cases reported. Criminals are stealing alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery cards from stores, causing them to lose money until they add stronger security.

Request for changes in the law.

Hood, along with other retail bosses, supports making laws that punish people who attack retail workers. Right now, two out of five people caught by Co-op guards don’t get in trouble because the police don’t show up. Hood says it’s important to give jail time to stop organized crime and keep store workers safe.

Encouragement or inspiration

The Co-op employees feel discouraged because the police are not responding to their reports of incidents. Hood was worried about how the staff were feeling and said it was discouraging when criminals are let go because the police didn’t do anything. These things make criminals feel more confident and make it harder for retail workers to feel safe and motivated.

The Co-op is using better security technology to protect its stores and workers from crime. This shows that they are serious about stopping organized crime. The company wants to make things safer for customers and staff with stronger kiosks, locked cabinets, and surveillance powered by AI. This will help the business run smoothly and keep customers happy.

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