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Neon EVM and deBridge partner to allow easy swapping between Solana and Ethereum blockchains.


Neon EVM said today that they are teaming up with deBridge to link Solana’s main network with Ethereum and other chains that work with EVM, like BNB, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. This means that people can exchange tokens between Solana and EVM-based networks easily.

With this integration, Neon EVM can use deBridge’s main features to quickly move assets between different blockchains, communicate across blockchains, and hold assets securely. The solution was tested from January 1 to January 30. More than $150 million was used in transactions on nine blockchains.

“Using the right tools and creating a distributed support system makes blockchain ecosystems more strong and efficient. ” This partnership helps different chains grow and gives developers easy access to a global network of money. It also encourages new ideas in the EVM ecosystem,” said Marina Guryeva, CEO of Neon Foundation.

Neon EVM is like a computer program that works on Solana. It can take requests for transactions from the public.

This partnership between Neon EVM and deBridge is focused on solving the problems with moving and trading tokens on different blockchains. This plan should make it easier for people to use tokens by getting rid of the complicated process of wrapping and using middlemen.

For developers, this integration allows them to connect directly to Ethereum’s Total Value Locked, which is worth over $42 billion right now, and lets them work with other chains that are compatible with Ethereum. The partnership will help make the Neon EVM DeFi ecosystem better by adding money from both Ethereum and Solana networks.

Also, the partnership brings deBridge’s technology and services to Neon EVM developers, providing tools like dePort for keeping assets safe across different networks and services for secure sharing of data between different blockchain networks.

Alex Smirnov, the boss of deBridge, says that Neon EVM understood what deBridge IaaS is all about right from the start. “We are very excited to see what new things the DeFi ecosystem will be able to do with Neon EVM. Now that builders and users can use and combine Neon EVM with any chain, the possibilities are endless,” Smirnov said.


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