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Using AI to improve the treatment of depression.


  • AI can tell if depression medicine will work in a week, making medicine tailored to each person better.
  • New computer program aims to predict how well sertraline will work by focusing on specific parts of the brain.
  • Improving how we treat depression using fast, AI technology to choose the right medication.

Scientists from Amsterdam University Medical Center and Radboud UMC have created a new AI system that could make it much easier and faster to find the right antidepressant for people with major depression. This new AI method can quickly predict if the antidepressant sertraline will work for someone in just one week, which is much faster than the usual six to eight weeks it takes to see if a drug is effective.

AI helps doctors to customize medicine for each person.

The AI model uses MRI scans and patient information to make its predictions. The researchers looked at brain scans and other patient information before giving a drug for depression or a fake drug. They focused on a specific part of the brain that helps control emotions. Their research showed that patients with more blood flow in this area and more severe symptoms were more likely to get better with sertraline. This method could get rid of the need to wait and see if antidepressants work, which takes a long time and can cause unnecessary side effects for patients.

This new way of using technology helps doctors give better care for people’s mental health. By figuring out if sertraline will work for a patient in a week, the model can stop doctors from giving out medicine that won’t help, which can reduce the strain on the body and mind from trying different antidepressants. This is very important because there are many different medicines that can help with depression. These include SSRIs, SNRIs, atypical antidepressants, tricyclic antidepressants, and MAOIs. This AI model with sertraline did well. Now, it can be used with more types of antidepressants. This could help make treatments better for patients.

Consequences and what might happen next

Introducing this AI model into medical practice could change how depression is treated for about 11% of people in the US who take antidepressants. About 60% of these patients don’t find a good medicine at first, so they have to keep trying different ones which can be frustrating. By finding the right medicine soon, this technology can help many people feel better and get well faster, while also reducing the bad effects of taking the wrong medicine.

The scientists at Amsterdam UMC and Radboud UMC feel hopeful about how their work can be used in the future. They want to improve the computer program to make treatment more personalized and also to include more medications for depression. This project could change the way we treat depression and other mental health problems, making care better and more centered on the patient.

As this AI model gets better and is tested more, it could lead to a new way of taking care of mental health. This means treatment would not only be based on a good understanding of how each person’s brain works, but also on being able to quickly and correctly predict how well medications will work. This change to using AI to personalize medicine for people with major depression is giving hope to patients and healthcare providers. It shows that in the future, the right treatment can be found quickly. This will make it easier for people with depression and improve the quality of mental health care.

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