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“Montreal Metro uses a system to prevent suicide with AI” .


  • The Montreal Metro now has a system with artificial intelligence to prevent suicides. Cameras can detect when someone is in trouble and notify staff so they can help quickly, which saves lives.
  • STM and CRISE are working on a project using AI technology to find signs of distress in Metro stations. This will help stop people from trying to hurt themselves and make traveling on the Metro safer.
  • Plans to add barriers and doors on the platforms are in progress to make the Montreal Metro safer in the future.

AI is a big step forward for using technology to prevent suicide in the Montreal Metro. The STM and CRISE are working together on this new project.

The new system helps find if commuters are in trouble, making public safety better. By using smart computer technology, the STM and CRISE want to quickly find people who might hurt themselves and help them right away.

This partnership shows that we are committed to using the latest technology to make sure passengers are safe and healthy. We also want to make sure our computer systems are secure.

The test project uses computer programs to study camera videos in Metro stations. It wants to stop people from harming themselves. The AI system can find out if someone is feeling upset or thinking about hurting themselves by watching how they act. This way of doing things helps us to act early to support and prevent bad things from happening.

The project uses advanced technology to help quickly find and help people who need assistance. By using technology to watch for signs of someone wanting to hurt themselves, officials can help keep people safe at train stations.

Quick reaction to the signals of AI in trouble.

When the AI system sees signs of trouble, it quickly tells the control rooms or metro operators so they can act fast and stop bad things from happening. We can send special police officers to the area or talk directly to the person who needs help.

This quick and proactive response helps authorities to deal with problems right away, reducing the chance of harm and making sure people in trouble are safe in the Metro.

Brian Mishara, the leader of CRISE and a member of the STM AI project, says that the project focuses on people. Highlighting the importance of taking action early, Mishara emphasizes the help provided to people during mental health emergencies. He says that the artificial intelligence system puts privacy and ethics first by not using facial recognition software.

This method shows that we are committed to respecting people’s rights and using technology in a good way to help with mental health problems.

The AI system’s abilities and future potential.

Initial tests show that the AI system can find 25% of people who might try to hurt themselves. Stakeholders want to make the system even better by adding things like barriers to stop people from jumping onto the platform.

However, it is difficult to put these measures in place because they cost a lot of money. Finding the right balance between preventing suicides and money limits is an important part of the talks about stopping suicides in the Montreal Metro.

The STM is happy about the artificial intelligence experiment and plans to finish it in the next two years. This dedication shows that the organization is committed to making sure passengers are safe and well across the Metro network.

In addition, the STM has decided to install platform screen doors to improve safety. This shows they are taking action to address safety concerns. These actions show that the STM is continuously working to make sure passengers are safe and improve the experience of traveling on the Montreal Metro.

Using artificial intelligence technology to help prevent suicide in the Montreal Metro is a big step forward in using new ideas to help people. The STM and CRISE are using smart programs to find signs of trouble early. This helps them to intervene quicker and more effectively. As the project continues, the people involved are hopeful that it will help save lives and make transportation safer for everyone.

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