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Bringing back Suharto – Using AI technology to create fake videos and its dangers in manipulating politics.


  • The return of Suharto, the former leader of Indonesia, using fake videos made by computers, is worrying because it could affect the upcoming elections.
  • Deepfakes, like the one with Suharto, use social media to try and change the minds of many voters in Indonesia, where lots of people use the internet.
  • AI is used by other political figures like Prabowo Subianto and Anies Baswedan to make fake videos. This makes elections more difficult because people can’t tell what is real and what is fake.

A fake video of Suharto, a powerful leader of Indonesia from the past, has appeared on social media. People are worried about how this might affect the upcoming elections. This fancy use of images and sound shows a new way of spreading political messages. It involves using computer-generated versions of dead leaders to try to change people’s minds and affect election results.

Voting when there are deepfakes.

The use of deepfake technology is causing problems in Indonesia’s politics as political parties compete online. Social media is used by almost everyone, and it’s where people try to control what others think and persuade them to vote a certain way. Deepfakes are a big problem for democracy because they can spread fake information quickly. This could change the outcome of elections and make people trust the government less.

In a growing atmosphere of worry, political strategists are using artificial intelligence to strengthen their election campaigns. Candidates and political groups are using advanced technology to connect with voters and shape public opinion. This includes using AI to create visual content and using conversational agents to interact with people.

However, the widespread use of deepfake technology, especially seen in the Suharto video, has caused a lot of discussion about whether it’s okay to use it in politics and if it’s right to manipulate historical figures for political gain.

The idea of Suharto still haunts people.

The reappearance of Suharto in a fake video has caused people to start talking again about his controversial time as leader and the long-lasting effects of his rule. While some people respected Suharto for bringing stability and progress, his time as leader was marked by a lot of corruption, serious human rights abuses, and a lot of political oppression. Bringing his character back to life using new AI technology helps emphasize the complex and often conflicting stories about Indonesia’s history, both in the past and now.

In the big online world, people are asking a lot of questions about how Suharto’s influence will affect Indonesia’s politics. Will using deepfake technology to bring back historical figures change how people think and vote in elections.

What strategies can policymakers and groups in society use to deal with fake information made by artificial intelligence. Indonesia is facing many challenges in dealing with a quickly changing media world, and the threat of deepfakes is making it harder for the country to achieve democratic governance.

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