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New Jersey is trying to stop fake videos and harmful social media.


  • New Jersey is making it illegal to create deepfake porn and setting up a special team in the attorney general’s office to deal with it.
  • We are making announcements and workshops to help parents keep their kids safe from online dangers and bullying.
  • Politicians are thinking about stopping kids under 16 from using social media or using it less because it can be bad for them.

New Jersey is working harder to stop deepfake pornography and the bad effects of social media because a lot of people are worried about them. The state wants to deal with the bad effects of artificial intelligence and social media on people and society by making new laws, telling people about the issue, and putting limits on social media.

New Jersey lawmakers are working to make it illegal to make or share fake pornographic videos of someone without their permission. Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald wants to make rules for using deepfake technology, especially when it’s used to threaten or bother people. Also, another suggested law wants to create a special team in the state attorney general’s office to deal with the increasing danger of edited videos and images.

The US government at the national level Representative Tom Kean Jr. can be written as Tom Kean Jr. , who is a representative. They made a law called the AI Labeling Act, which says that AI-generated content has to have a label to tell people it was made by AI. This initiative wants to make sure that people are honest and responsible when they use artificial intelligence. Additionally, Representative Kean is working together with others to support a law that will make rules and transparency in the use of artificial intelligence to stop the spread of fake videos of private moments.

Understanding how important it is for people to know about the dangers of deepfakes and social media, New Jersey is working on teaching people about it and making announcements to the public. These efforts are meant to help parents and teenagers understand the risks of social media and how common deepfake content is. New Jersey wants to help people learn about and deal with potential dangers by giving them information and support.

New rules for kids using social media

New Jersey is also looking at how social media can be bad for young people, as well as deepfake technology. Lawmakers are looking at ways to control how young people use social media because they are worried about the bad things like online bullying and false stories that can happen. They also want to make sure that the pictures of people on social media don’t make young people feel bad about their own bodies.

They are thinking about stopping kids under 16 from using social media and trying to make schools without smartphones. Taking ideas from what Florida and New Jersey are doing, it wants to be the best at putting rules in place to keep young people safe from using too much social media.

Being the best at solving problems with AI.

New Jersey is taking steps to be a leader in dealing with the problems caused by artificial intelligence and social media. The state is making rules, telling people about it, and promoting good use of AI to protect people and make sure technology is used ethically.

New Jersey is working hard to deal with the problems caused by artificial intelligence and social media. The state wants to keep people safe from deepfake porn and online platforms by making laws, getting the public involved, and teaching people about it. New Jersey is setting an example for other places by being proactive in regulating AI and social media.

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