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The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Education: Teachers’ Views and Methods for Putting People First.


  • More than 70% of teachers feel positive about how AI can help in education.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes learning more tailored to each person and helps to raise educational standards.
  • AI that focuses on people makes sure that technology enhances how humans interact with each other instead of taking the place of human interaction.

In today’s world, new technology is changing everything, including education. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making big changes in how we learn. Unlike the past, when new technologies came and went with different effects, educators are really hopeful about the impact of AI in education. A new report from Oxford University Press says that more than 70% of teachers think using AI in education is a good thing. They believe it can make teaching better and help students learn in personalized ways.

Teachers are hopeful about using AI to make teaching and learning better

Teachers are using AI to help them make better lessons and understand how their students are learning. AI tools are helping teachers find out which students need help or are doing really well. This helps teachers create personalized learning for each student’s different needs. This personalization is not just making education include more people, but it is also making students achieve more. With AI, the focus changes from just making mistake-free essays to using technology to make better work. This helps students learn how to use AI well.

AI can change more than just how we learn, it can also change what we learn. Old questions like “Why is the earth getting warmer. ” are changing Now students need to use AI to make their answers better and more detailed. This change helps students get ready for the future and also makes them think more carefully and critically when they learn.

Dealing with the problems: Understanding the dangers of AI in schools

Many people are excited about using AI in education, but more people are starting to realize the problems it might cause. The main thing we need to do is make sure that AI technology in education focuses on what’s best for people. Teachers know they must protect privacy, reduce stress, and stop the gap between rich and poor students from getting bigger. These concerns show how important it is to use AI in a way that takes advantage of its benefits and reduces its risks.

A Human-Centered AI (HCAI) approach, supported by experts like Ben Shneiderman, promotes technology that enhances what people can do and keeps people in charge. This idea is very important in schools, where computers can’t fully measure the quality and feelings involved in learning and teaching. For example, getting feedback that is just for you is really helpful, but AI can’t give criticism or encouragement in the same way a really good teacher can. It’s really important for people to be in charge, especially when making important decisions that can really affect a student’s future.

Teaching educators about AI

To use AI in education, teachers and leaders need to understand how it works. Involving teachers in making and using AI tools helps make sure that technology helps people rather than taking the place of human interaction. Programs such as Harvard University’s AI Pedagogy Project and the UK’s AI in Education initiative are leading the way in giving teachers the knowledge and skills to use AI effectively.

These programs help people understand AI, see its benefits and drawbacks, and learn how to use AI tools well. By teaching about AI, teachers can make better choices to help students learn and keep the human aspect of education.

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