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Moody’s is using new technology to make changes in financial services.


  • Moody’s uses computer programs to make financial tasks easier and faster, such as writing reports and keeping track of real estate.
  • The boss promises to tell the truth about how they use AI, and they are discussing it with regulators.
  • The leader of the SEC says that companies must explain AI to investors, and Moody’s is paying attention.

Moody’s Corporation, a big company that gives credit ratings and does research, is using smart computer programs to change the financial services industry.

During their recent meeting about money, Moody’s leaders talked about how important AI projects are. They said that a new AI platform called “GenAI” is helping them work better and make more money.

Moody’s uses artificial intelligence in different tools.

Moody’s has created new tools under “GenAI” to make things easier and help people make better decisions.

Research Assistant: Started in December, the Research Assistant uses advanced AI technology to help create credit memos. It gives important information about people who borrow money by using Moody’s special data.

CreditLens: This tool makes it easier to gather, study, and save credit information. Moody’s will reveal a new computer program that can quickly create credit memos. This will make it much easier and faster for loan officers and credit professionals to do their work.

Keeping track of commercial buildings: Moody’s uses advanced technology to improve its system for identifying potential problems in commercial real estate portfolios. This helps them to quickly spot risky areas and keep up with the latest information.

GitHub Copilot is a tool that helps with coding. It has been used by 1,500 engineers and it has made their work easier and more efficient. Moody’s wants to give its sales teams new AI tools to help them work better.

Moody’s way of using AI with rules and following the rules.

Moody’s is excited about the big changes that generative AI could bring, but CEO Robert Fauber wants to make sure they are careful and open about how they use it. He highlighted the company’s promise to be clear and open when using AI in the rating process. He also said they will talk with regulators to follow the rules and deal with any worries.

Michael West, the president of Moody’s, said that generative AI helps human judgment instead of replacing it. This feeling matches with Moody’s commitment to keeping its rating agency fair and using AI to make better decisions.

Government check and future advice

The earnings call happened at the same time as Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Gary Gensler’s comments. He said that it’s important for companies to give lots of information about how they use AI technologies. Gensler told companies to explain how they use AI and the risks it brings to their business. This shows that the government is paying more attention to this changing industry.

In the past, Gensler has said he is worried about the big problems that could happen if AI models are used a lot in the finance industry. As companies use AI more, government rules will be important to make sure businesses are honest, responsible, and safe.

Warning: This is not advice on what to trade.


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