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AI Personal Computer Systems are distinguishing between what is expected and what is actually happening in the 2024 technology industry.


  • AI computers are not as useful because they cannot run certain software.
  • Graphics processing units (GPUs) work better than neural processing units (NPUs) in tasks related to artificial intelligence (AI), showing how important they are.
  • Consumers are encouraged to focus on what they really need instead of guessing what might be good.

The introduction of AI computers has caused a lot of excitement and guessing. However, it is important for consumers to understand the real abilities and practical uses of these devices, instead of just believing the advertising. This will help them make good choices when shopping.

Defining AI Computers

AI PCs are made better by adding neural processing units from companies like Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm. These processors are made to speed up AI jobs effectively and can be used in many different ways. But the actual situation is not as good as what was promised in the marketing campaigns.

Current restrictions of computer systems with artificial intelligence

Even though there are many AI computers for sale, the Windows operating system and other software still haven’t fully used the power of NPUs. Right now, Windows Studio Effects is one of the few things that use NPUs to make videos and audio better during online calls. But the improvements are not very big.

Cloud vs is a comparison or competition between two things related to cloud technology. Local processing means that the data is being handled or processed on a device or computer that is close to where the data is being collected or used, instead of sending it to a central server.
Many AI tools for consumers use cloud processing instead of using the consumer’s own computer. This means that whether you have a computer with AI or not, the way these tools work is pretty much the same. So, the supposed advantages of AI computers might not actually help people using AI services on the internet.

Thinking about the future and what might happen

Microsoft is suggesting that future updates for Windows will have AI features, but they haven’t given many specific details yet. The new product is expected to come out in late 2024. It has the potential to make NPUs even better in AI PCs. But, until these improvements happen, people should lower their hopes and choose what to buy carefully, based on what the product can do now, not what it might do in the future.

GPU’s are really good at doing AI stuff

Despite the attention on NPUs, strong GPUs are still the best for AI tasks. Benchmarks show that GPUs are better than NPUs at running generative AI models and similar tasks. This means that consumers need GPUs for these types of activities.

Warning: This isn’t advice on trading.


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