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What will happen to Bitcoin soon? Will it go down or up to $100,000? An analyst answered.


Well-known cryptocurrency expert Michaël van de Poppe talked about what he thinks will happen with Bitcoin in the future.

With Bitcoin going up to $50,000 and more, people are wondering if it will reach $100,000 in the next few months.

The price of Bitcoin has been going up, starting at $25,000 and reaching $49,000 before ETFs were launched. This rally caused more than $2 billion to be put into ETFs in one week.

However, the movement of BTC out of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Spot ETF product GBTC made people worried during this rally. Even though people were feeling unsure, the markets were very interested in Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). The price of Bitcoin went up from $39,000. This made the price go up to $53,000 and kept coming in.

What does this mean for the digital money market?

Van de Poppe thinks that if the economy gets a little worse (like when the Consumer Price Index went up a little last week), the stock market might go down. The analyst said that this might happen if other things, like less money coming in or more people selling stocks, make people feel different about the situation and cause a big change.

The analyst expects these changes to happen quickly because of how people are currently feeling. We don’t know when it will happen, but Van de Poppe believes that the data shows that the markets reached their highest point at $53-58,000 and could go down by 20-40%.

It’s not clear when this fix will happen, it could be in the next few weeks or in March. But one thing is certain, the analyst says that the markets are moving naturally and having small adjustments even though people are worried.

Warning: This does not tell you what to invest in.


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