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A company from Kazakhstan is looking into using blockchain to protect intellectual property.


Recently, the government has been getting tougher on digital money and block reward mining. But a company from Kazakhstan has started using blockchain to protect copyrights and intellectual property.

In late 2023, Future NFT Technology Limited started a platform to protect copyrights. It helps people register their intellectual property rights. The Astana Times said that the platform has gained a lot of attention and has received many copyright registrations in less than 60 days.

The Central Asian Intellectual Property Registry (CARRIP) is a platform where people can share information about their creations in different categories. When you pay a fee, you get a certificate that shows your idea or creation is officially registered.

“Recorded things are kept in a shared list to show they’re real and there’s proof of when they were recorded. ” People can allow other individuals or organizations to use their copyrights in certain ways after they meet certain requirements, like paying a fee.

“The concept of the creative economy is to make money from our talents,” explained CARRIP executive Temirlan Tulegenov. “Kazakhstan has agreed to follow the rules about protecting ideas and inventions, but they need to update their laws to keep up with the changes in how the creative economy works. ”

CARRIP might offer its services in more countries besides Kazakhstan, like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The United Nations said that Central Asia is doing a good job in growing its creative businesses.

Experts believe that using blockchain technology for copyright platforms can help creative industries to grow. Because generative AI systems face copyright challenges, some companies have started using blockchain to track where the data used to train the large language models comes from.

Kazakhstan is using blockchain technology for its work.

Kazakhstan has had a up and down relationship with blockchain since 2020, and now has strict rules against block reward miners. After China banned digital currencies, many miners moved to Kazakhstan because they have cheap energy and the government is supportive.

However, the good times turned bad after the government started a big crackdown on companies that provide services to industries all over the country. Miners who get block rewards were affected the most. The country earned $7 million in taxes from miners and then banned them.
Coinbase, a company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, broke the rules in its country and can’t do business anymore.


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