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AI avatars are going to change virtual meetings.


  • AI avatars copy workers, help them save time, and increase their efficiency in meetings.
  • It is difficult to teach AI to be polite and have emotions, but some progress is being made.
  • People worry about how AI avatars use and share personal information and if they are genuine or not.

New AI avatars could change virtual meetings a lot soon. They will act like human employees really well. The CEO of Otter, which is a company that makes AI-powered transcription software, says that making AI avatars that act and talk like humans is not just something far away, but it could happen soon.

Liang, the boss of Otter, said that they could have AI avatars ready to show what employees look like as soon as this year. The avatars use advanced computer programs to act and talk like real people. They are going to change how virtual meetings work. Using meeting notes and voice recordings, these AI avatars will learn to act like specific workers. They can talk, answer questions, and join discussions just like the real person.

Improving how well we work and get things done

The arrival of AI avatars changes how well we work and get things done at work. Liang thinks that these digital versions can go to meetings for workers, so workers have more time for important and creative things.

AI avatars can help make communication, sales meetings, and team meetings easier and more efficient. This can help organizations use their resources better. These avatars can go to meetings by themselves, which means employees can have more freedom and independence in their work and home life.

Even though AI avatars have a lot of potential, there are still a lot of problems that need to be solved before they can be trusted. Liang understands that creating AI models that can understand and interact with humans is difficult because of technical and social challenges.

AI avatars need to be trained and improved a lot to be able to fit in well in professional settings. This includes learning how to act in meetings, understanding people’s feelings, and changing how they communicate. Although AI technology is getting better, it will take time to create AI avatars that work perfectly. This process will have many stages of improvement.

Understanding the ethics and practical aspects of AI

As AI avatars get closer to being real, big questions about ethics and practical issues are on the way. Although digital copies are very convenient and fast, we need to be careful about privacy, keeping our data safe, and making sure that the system is fair for everyone. Furthermore, if AI avatars start to take the place of humans in important situations like private meetings or performance evaluations, it brings up concerns about whether they can be genuine and responsible. As companies start using AI avatars, it’s important for them to focus on ethical values and what’s best for people.

The arrival of AI avatars is a big step forward in how people work and talk together in virtual worlds. These digital workers can act like human workers and help make the workplace run better. They can make things more efficient, productive, and flexible.

However, getting a lot of people to use it will be difficult because there are many technical, ethical, and social problems that need to be carefully thought about. As companies use this new technology, it’s important to be careful and make sure it’s used ethically. This will help humans and machines work together in a good way to reach the same goals.

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