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Bounce Launchpad is holding an auction for an improved Bitcoin L2 network called XRGB ID0.


  • Bounce Brand is having an auction on February 20-21 for the XRGB ID0. This is a chance to invest in the XRGB token, which helps make Bitcoin work better with DeFi.
  • The XRGB protocol creates a secure way for people to use Bitcoin for decentralized finance. It is designed to handle a lot of people using it and to keep their information private. There are a certain number of tokens available to support the protocol and reward the community.

Bounce Brand, a top auction platform without a central authority, has shared some big news about the XRGB ID0 auction. This is an important event for the Bitcoin L2 network.

This auction will start on February 20th and end on February 21st. It is expected to attract a lot of interest from people who like cryptocurrency and investors.

Bounce has special information for an auction

The XRGB ID0 auction is a good chance for people who are interested in cryptocurrency. XRGB tokens are being sold for $0. 0476 each This event lets investors trade their ETH for XRGB tokens, so more people can participate in the auction. During this special event, you can get 6. 3 million tokens, which is 3% of all XRGB tokens available.

You can only join the auction if you already use Bounce. You need to have at least $100 worth of AUCTION staked on BounceBit. This rule makes sure that the auction is for people who are really dedicated to the Bounce community. It shows that the platform is committed to keeping its loyal users happy and involved.

This auction uses the XRGB protocol to connect Bitcoin and ERC404 assets. It’s a new way for them to work together. The protocol wants to make it easier and faster to trade Bitcoin by using decentralized messaging and transfer methods. It’s a big deal for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin might change how decentralized finance works.

The XRGB chain is a private way to process transactions

The XRGB Chain adds the privacy features of the RGB protocol to the XRGB protocol. This new thing is a big step in making a better way for Bitcoin banking that is faster and more private. The initiative is a new way to think about DeFi, focusing on making Bitcoin more useful and connecting it with the DeFi world.

XRGB has 210 million tokens in total. They were given out in a way that helps the project grow over time. Simply put, 5% of the supply will be sold to the public, 2. 5% will be sold privately, and 50% will be used as incentives for the community. Also, 175% of the tokens are set aside for building the ecosystem, 10% for marketing, 5% for keeping the project’s finances stable, and the remaining 10% for the team. The allocation strategy aims to create a lively community, make sure the ecosystem stays healthy, and encourage many people to use the XRGB protocol.


The Bounce Brand is holding an important auction for XRGB ID0 on the Bitcoin L2 network. This could bring new opportunities for DeFi and cryptocurrency to work together. The project wants to make Bitcoin better in DeFi by using the XRGB protocol and Chain. They want to focus on making it work with other systems, being easy to use, private, and able to handle a lot of transactions. As the auction gets closer, people are watching carefully to see how it will affect the future of decentralized finance and Bitcoin’s role in it.


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