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Leonardo is leading the way for a European space program that will be used for military purposes.


  • Leonardo is the first to use supercomputers and AI on military satellites to create a Space Cloud called MILSCA.
  • The Space Cloud helps process data in space quickly and sends real-time information to Earth, and also serves as a backup for the Earth’s network.
  • Working together with Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space is making big changes in how we use technology in space for defense and more.

Leonardo is a big company that works on airplanes, military, and keeping things safe. They are starting a new project called “Military Space Cloud Architecture” for the Italian Ministry of Defense.

This project is part of a plan to improve how the military uses technology in space. Its goal is to make computer and storage systems better for the government and national military.

New and creative design for space clouds

The MILSCA project is a big step for Europe because it’s creating a space system that’s similar to the clouds we see on Earth. This new project imagines a group of secure satellites going around the Earth. These satellites would have powerful computers, artificial intelligence, and lots of storage space.

The Space Cloud has built-in cyber security to help quickly process and share information, making operations run better.

Every satellite in the MILSCA group will have amazing abilities. They can store over 100 Terabytes of data and process over 250 TFLOPS of information. Using smart computer programs and technology, these satellites can talk to each other and share information without needing help from humans.

This computer system will keep information safe and let people see important data from communication, earth observation, and navigation, even in hard-to-reach places.

Meaning of importance in a plan

The use of a Space Cloud system has many important benefits. The project makes things faster by processing data in space, so information can be delivered in real-time and it helps different countries work together.

Furthermore, sending data to space can help traditional networks work better for other types of communication, making the whole network work more efficiently. Also, keeping data in space is an important backup plan, reducing the chance of losing it if something bad happens to Earth-based data centers.

Leonardo is in charge of the MILSCA project and is working with Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space. They are using their knowledge in aerospace, telecommunications, and defense to make the project better.

The study will take 24 months and has two parts: figuring out the design of the satellite and making a digital copy of it with a model for high-powered computers and terminals that can connect to multiple satellite networks.

These stages are meant to imitate different ways Space Cloud could be used and check if it works and is helpful.

Future effects and what comes next

The MILSCA project sets the groundwork for future projects, with potential uses beyond defense. Space programs and missions to study the Earth can use a cloud computing system in space to quickly process data. This will help them gather and analyze information faster.

As technology gets better in the aerospace industry, programs like MILSCA help make progress in space infrastructure and handling data.

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