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Ripple (XRP) has reportedly joined forces with a new bank.


Ripple won an important case against the SEC and is now making new partnerships.

At this time, it was said that Ripple had just agreed to work together with the Egyptian Commercial International Bank (CIB).

Shehata & Partners Law Firm recently announced a new partnership in Egypt Fintech 2024 report. It was mentioned that CIB is getting ready to change cross-border payments with this partnership.

The report said that Ripple made a deal after it said it would be more involved in the United States. This is part of Ripple’s plan to grow worldwide faster.

It was also said that CBI was the first big bank in Egypt, other than the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), to publicly say it was working with Ripple.

Finally, the report said that CIB teaming up with Ripple led to more people using XRP.

This is not a suggestion on where to invest your money.


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