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Is your media following good ethics for AI. A report by SMPTE shows the answer.


  • Placing importance on doing the right thing in creating AI helps people trust and encourages new ideas in media.
  • Thinking in a methodical and organized way helps companies make AI technology easier to use and grow.
  • Being ready to make ethical choices is very important when dealing with how AI affects the media.

A new report from SMPTE, EBU, and ETC talks about how important it is to think carefully and ethically when making and using artificial intelligence in movies and TV.

SMPTE Report: Focus on doing the right thing when creating AI

The report emphasizes how important it is to think about what is right and wrong when making and using AI systems. It says AI systems should be based on trust, fairness, and including everyone.

The report says that technology is changing really fast but the rules about how to use it ethically are not keeping up. Rules mainly focus on keeping people’s information private. However, it highlights the need to think about AI development in a complex way in order to fully consider ethical implications.

A structured method for creating AI technology.

The report says that it’s important for organizations to have a careful plan when developing AI. They should think about it carefully and work on it in an organized way. It means that companies that focus on doing the right thing are usually the most successful at using and growing their own AI technology.

The report says that thinking about ethics can help organizations think deeply about how they do things, leading to good ideas and a culture that helps AI systems be the best they can be.

What it means for the media industry

The report looks at how AI and machine learning could affect the way media works. It helps people who work with media to understand AI and ML technologies and how they will impact the industry in the future.

The report wants to help media professionals understand AI ethics and how to develop it properly. It gives them the knowledge and tools they need to use AI in media production and distribution.

Warning: The information given is not advice about trading.


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